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  1. Klassen Back Mounted vest for sale. 36" waist, max. Very good condition. Includes: - Heavy Canvas Bag - Spare Parts in Heavy Leather Pouch. $2000, plus shipping and PayPal fees. Thanks, Scott
  2. Clearing out some redundant gear I have. Used 6 yr old WK Back Mount Steadicam Vest. It has normal wear and tear with surface scuffs but is solid with no issues, will probably last another 20 yrs. Size? XL, meaning it was made for a operator that has a height of 6'2" give or take ( 5' 11" to 6'3"). Waist size 36" give or take ( 36" to 40") What you see in the photo's is what you get, comes with spare parts. Price: $2,800 us Email me if your interested or have questions. Dave Luckenbach email: luckenbach@mac.com
  3. Hello, I have a problem with this vest. After a shifts with medium to heavy payloads i have bruises on my pelvis bones. I have tried different trousers and so on, but without any improvements. As in my home country we have only two artemis rigs, i have no opportunities to try different vest, last time i tried other vests was on workshop more than a year ago, than i liked the feel of steadicam ultra2 and exovest, but that was workshop and i was not working in it for whole day. Also wearing act2 i think the top front is to loose from my chest, and top back on heavier payloads is to high, even sometimes making small pressures on my neck. Could this be the situation, when this vest is to big for me? thanks for help Some pictures with vest on me. (Don't bother the camera set up)
  4. Hi, I sell my zephyr HD SDI, USED. 1x SLED ​1x ARM ​1x VEST ​1x MONITOR MARSHALL SDI ​1x TRIPOD + STAND ​1x CHARGEUR ​1x CABLE SDI 1x CABLE XLR4 to LEMO 3 (ZEPHYR) ​1x CABLE MONITOR XLR4+SDI to LEMO 3 (ZEPHYR) ​1x CASE 2x BATTERY V-LOCK IDX mail: brice.tholozan@gmail.com PRICE: 6500€ WITHOUT SHIPPING
  6. Hey! I'm looking to buy my first "real" big-rig. What I'm searching after is an EFP sled or a complete rig! Let me know if you have anything I'm looking for! Thanks!
  7. Steadicam Broadcast master Sled, Vest, Arm, Stand for sale in good working condition with green widescreen monitor and HD to SD converter. All in original casings. Complete £8,000.
  8. Well, the time has come to part ways with my love! I'm selling off all my steadicam kit. I've throughly enjoyed myself but work has me in a different direction and it's pointless having all this kit sitting in boxes. I'm selling my Glidecam GOLD 2inch post sled, arm and vest along with all the other bits I have kicking around. Also selling my Bartech system in a seperate ad. I did mostly live tv work and commercials, this rig has been a killer system, I'll miss her. Here is a link to the official Glidecam site for all the specs and tech talk: http://glidecam.com/product-gold-sled #NOTE# My sled has the 'anton bauer' base with V-Lock plates. Included in sale: SLED (HDSDI internally) ARM VEST Docking bracket (no stand) 2 x pelican 1650 cases. The sled case has a removable lid for tools and spare bits. Everything in the photo is included, tools, cables, talley light etc - (the two blue cases aren't included, they are part of a Vocas kit, I just forgot to take them out for the photo!) Blue wedge plate with Sony VCT plate Jerry Hill hard mount - BRAND NEW, never used Spare vest ratchets NEW x 4 Spare yellow wedge plate Triax header cable 2 x extra docking stands - I used on on my magliner Marell 3 way bubble with elastic strap Low mode cage Padded arm bag Collapsable wind break, custom made with clear viewing panel Extended post for arm - get that extra length you've always wanted Tally for Sony cameras - use the viewfinder plug various BNC cables and a sled to 4pin XLR cable for monitor I'm throwing in a Marshal 7inch LCD. I think this monitor is a piece of crap but I have no use for it so I'll chuck it in. It'd be fine to throw in the kit as a back up but it's only good for indoor situations. (piece of shit!) My heart breaks a little to see her go but it's time. Kit is located in LA and can be viewed in person. Let me know any questions you might have, leigh@loosecannon.com.au Thanks. PHOTOS: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pho/5611611617.html $8000
  9. I currently have a working sled from CAME-TV. I've been wanting to upgrade to the full Zephyr but just can't afford the entire rig so I'm thinking of just buying the arm and vest for now and upgrade in the future. Offers and advice are welcome!
  10. Hey everyone, so I'm looking to upgrade my vest to a GPI Pro vest, and I'm looking to sell my Ultra 2 vest and make this a quick exchange. I've personally owned the vest for four years now after I purchased it used. It has the normal wear and tear you would expect. The only real issue is the right shoulder buckle locking screw broke off so you would need to re-drill it and get another screw from Tiffen (hence the bongo tie). But that's nothing that effects the functionality of the vest. Also, the top of the shoulder pads have been shaved down a bit in an attempt to make it fit my shoulders better. If you're concerned at all concerned about it, and are in LA, you're more than welcome to try it on first. $3,300 OBO, buyer pays shipping. E: aaron.gantt@gmail.com C: 704.322.6889 Photos: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SteadicamGearBuySellRentSwap/permalink/1761565364074624/
  11. Hey everyone! A little piece of info that maybe some other up and comers like myself should know... I'm sure it's floating around deep in the forum somewhere Tiffen arms have some play (about a full 1/2 inch) in the pro socket blocks to the point where you can not use them with your Pro Vest unless you have a Tiffen socket block. O'Shea and I stumbled upon this little discovery yesterday. Could have been a disaster discovering this on a job... Does anybody know why this is? Very interesting. And is there any way to keep the Pro socket block on the Pro vest and use a Tiffen arm? Hope everyone is doing well! Cheers
  12. Hello, For sale is a Steadicam Zephyr HD AB sled, with original arm, vest, HD 7" and rolling hard case. This item is in beyond good condition, a few minor scratches just from casual use. It was purchased by me from B&H at the end of June of 2014, and I can count on two hands the number of times it has been used. I am based out of Metro Detroit and willing to ship lower 48(shipping is on me), as well as be available for local pick up. I am looking to get $6,500 OBO for it as it's still under two years old and is in pristine condition. Below is a list of included items as well as photos of the rig. You can contact me by email at ab@brighterflight.com Steadicam Zephyr telescoping centerpost/sled Adjustable iso-elastic arm w/slip cover for storage Steadicam standard vest Anton Bauer gold mount battery plate Dovetail plate Steadicam rolling hard case Docking bracket 4 middle weights 4 starter weights All necessary power and BNC cables
  13. Selling my Fawcett Exovest. The Vest was purchased May 2015 from Betz Tools, and is located in Berlin, Germany. It is in perfect working order and has some minor cosmetic wear and tear. It has been in use for 6 months. I'm apparently a to old fart and can't get used to this new vest. It's a shame to sell it, but it doesn't work for me. Price is €5900 EUR firm + shipping outside of Germany VAT applies for Germany buyers no VAT in the EU with a valid VAT-ID number or outside of the EU Cheers
  14. Hi chaps, My Ultra 1 is up for sale. I'll be sad to see this one go - it has been my one and only rig for two years, and has never let me down. As you might expect there are some minor cosmetic marks in places like the arm covers or the vest's fabrics, but functionally everything is rock solid and flies smooth as butter. 24V or 12V power comes from V-Locks (not included), which means you can power any camera from the top-stage (cables for Alexa or XLR4 included, amongst others), and the HD-SDI cable I slipped and secured down the post in the beginning has never failed. I'm throwing in a venerable Transvideo Rainbow (SD) monitor, but you'll certainly want to make use of that HD cable at some point! The tilt-stage (un-motorised) and four-stage post are frequently useful features which I'll miss in my next sled, and the tool-free Master/Ultra arm will be difficult to top, honestly. So to sum up, the package INCLUDES: Ultra 1 Cine Sled (HD/V-LOCK/24V/Four-stage Post/Tilt Stage) Ultra 1 Arm (inc. 6" and 12" posts) Ultra 1 Vest Hill Dock Transvideo SD Monitor, Mounting Bracket Dovetail Plate, Power Cables, Video Cables etc. ASKING PRICE £12,000 (no VAT charged) EU delivery at buyer's expense, local pick-up in West London more than welcome. Contact me at emilio dot film at gmail dot com anytime if you'd like to make an offer, simply to have a look at the rig, or just for a chat. All the best, Emilio
  15. One Steadicam Sled includes: — Cinema products battery base #571 — Marell video monitor #HB 020 — XCS monitor bracket — GPI post — CP IIIA Gimbal — Mark V handgrip — GPI upper junction box — GPI D-Box #166 — BarTech mounting Bracket — (2) Anton Bauer mounts — (1) GPI Docking bracket — (3) T-handle allen wrenches (5/32, 7/64, 3/16) — (1) Marell monitor hood — (1) Balancing offset arm Baby Pin Cables — (3) 12v Arri/Aton power cables — (2) 24v Arri power cables — (4) 24v Panavision power cables — (2) 24v Moviecam power cables — (2) remote motor cables — (2) BarTech antennas — (1) Arri 12v run cable — (1) Arri 24v run cable — (1) Panavision 24v run cable — (2) BFD to GPI power cable — (1) BFD to BFD power cable — (1) Modulus 3000 antenna — (2) Modulus 3000 power/video cable — (2) 8pin Monitor power/video cable — (1) Seitz receiver antenna — (1) short CP amp power/servo cable — (1) long CP amp power/servo cable — (1) CP amp jumper cable — (1) 12v XLR4 Seitz receiver power cable — (3) Seitz 4pin – 4pin servo cable — (1) Steadicam vest #370 (CP) — (1) Robert Luna IIIA arm #309 — (1) short arm post — (1) long arm post — (2) post bearings — (1) titanium socket block Batteries — (1) charger power cables — (1) Anton Bauer dual 2722 charger #000000005032 — (10) Anton Bauer Dionic 90 (1 in need of servicing) Remote Focus / Iris / Zoom — (1) BFD transmitter #T1.0731 w/ antenna and (3) marking strips (switch needs attention but is completely functional) — (1) BFD receiver #R1.0731 w/ 90 degree antenna adapter — (1) Seitz transmitter 8710A w/ (2) antennas — (1) Seitz 8725A servo amplifier — (1) Cinema products servo amplifier — (1) Seitz receiver — (1) Seitz servo distribution block — (2) HEDEN motors S/N #M26P-20103 S/N #M26P-81312 — (7) motor gears — (2) Seitz batteries w/ (2) chargers — (1) XLR4 12v power adapter for Seitz transmitter Wireless Video — (1) AJA HD Downconverter — (1) CIT Modulus 3000 #608079 — (1) TV Genie transmitter — (1) CIT SharkFin antenna — (1) RCA 2-1/2” TV #02A0303207 w/ portable case/sunshade — (1) Sony TV tuner TU-1041U S/N #2014207 w/ remote and PWR (CPU) cable Mounting Hardware — (3) GPI camera plates — (2) GPI Iris rods for plates 6” — (1) GPI D-bracket w/ 8” post and 4” post — (1) Heden swing bracket — (2) Heden 3-hole mounting brackets — (1) Jerry Hill panavison motor bracket — (2) GPI 3” doglegs — (1) 6” rod — (2) 3” rods — (1) 5” Jerry Hill square-end rod — (1) 7” Jerry Hill square-end rod — (4) GPI post collars — (1) GPI post retaining pin — (3) monitor mounts — (5) 4lb. steel weight plates w/ bag — (1) Jerry Hill vehicle (Garfield) mount w/ hardware — (1) steel socket block — (1) CP motor amp mounting cage — (1) Jerry Hill Arri Iris rod clamp — (1) Jerry Hill 2-in-1 motor mount — (4) camera plate screws (3) 3/8 16th and 1-1/4 20 — (1) Arri locating screw Raingear — (1) GPI arm cover — (2) clear monitor covers — (4) CP electronics covers Cases — (1) large 13-1/2”Hx29”Lx12”D metal case — (1) 11”Hx31”Lx16”D arm and vest anvil case — (1) 10”Hx33”Lx23”D sled anvil case — (1) 11”Hx31”Lx19”D pelican 1650 case — (1) 8-1/2”Hx23”Lx18”D pelican 1600 case — (1) America grip equipment steadicam stand w/ casters Turn Key Rig in the Los Angeles Area. Out of town buyer pays shipping. Asking Price: $31,500 Cameron Michael cammichael@yahoo.com (937)935-4240
  16. Hi everyone! I am desperately looking for a good vest and arm. It should carry up to 80lbs max! Its urgent! Thanks
  17. Hello, I have on old Masters vest and model 2 arm that I have no use for. While still funtional, they show their age and need some TLC. If anyone has any interest, please let me know. I am open to reasonable offers. The equipment is located in Indianapolis, IN. Thanks for looking. Caleb Fischer Caleb867@gmail.com 260-402-3611
  18. Hi there, i'm searching a sachtler act /act2 vest. if you want to buy yours or you know somone who sell contact me ... please :) kind regards from germany
  19. Selling my Ultra2 Vest. Used, some cosmetic blemishes but fully operational. - there are some minor and one larger (right shoulder) rip in the outer padding material. never bothered me and does not affect functionality so I never fixed it... - there are a few loose rivets on the hip straps. however whenever you tighten the vest they are pulled right into place and work as they should. If you want to go all out you can most probably buy an entire new padding set from Tiffen or just use it as is. Vest is located in New York City. High Res Pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/da59a66aug99e9i/AAAog7mVOY1eIHZsOrJZI_48a?dl=0 Price: $1750 & shipping
  20. Hello, I'm looking for a cheap, maybe used, vest and arm kit. i can pay 100-200 usd. please contact me if you live in the moscow area, or are able to ship to moscow. Contact me at powerhousemotiongraphics@gmail.com
  21. Hello, i was wanting to know if you guys could help me find an arm and vest for $140usd as my rig is almost 10 pounds and it is getting really hard to operate smoothly with all that weight. i can pay only through paypal. Thanks!
  22. PRO vest pads, not exactly sure how to measure them in relation to sizing for an operator. waist size seems straight forward but unsure about the chest and how wide the vest skeleton chest width is. PM me with any questions. Chest pad is 31" across. Waist pad is 37" across.
  23. Baer-Bel Vest ,Good Conditions With quick release Are in Barcelona Spain Price 1,000.-€ Contact: Joan Morató 34 607228812 Attached Images
  24. Selling my Steadicam LX vest in great condition! Buckles and everything works perfectly. No damages or broken parts, just some normal wear & tear. The middleplate is mounted in the front to get the socketblock lower. $3000 Great vest in great condition! Please PM or email me if interested. All the best, Peder
  25. Tiffen LX vest in great condition. Pads were replaced with official Tiffen padding Clean and well taken care of. Comes with extra set of buckles and original padding. Thanks for looking! Looking to get $2700
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