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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I own a Steadicam Aero 15 (arm & vest) and I was interested in buying a Steadicam Aero sled: https://tiffen.com/products/steadicam-aero-sled-with-7-monitor. As per Tiffen specification, the Aero 15 arm is supposed to support up to 15 lbs total payload (including everything past the arm). Form this link (https://tiffen.com/pages/steadicam-aero) it says that the Aero sled weights 9.75 lbs (with monitor & battery mount, without battery). This means that the room left for camera and battery is 5.25 lbs. This does not match with the fact that the Aero 15 system can support up to 10 lbs camera payload. Is there in the forum any owner of the Aero system who can tell me how much the Aero sled actually weights? Is it actually 9.75 lbs or less? Many thanks, Simone
  2. Looking for the v mount locking dovetail plate out of germany by cam-tec, so I can eliminate the sony camera plate. If you have a used one for sale contact me please. Cheers!
  3. Hello all, I'm looking to buy a weight cage or plate. Any tips or leads on where to acquire one would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I'm looking for an eight to twelve pound weight plate for my Flyer LE. E-mail me at: lukeknezevic@gmail.com
  5. I'm looking for an eight to twelve pound weight plate for my Flyer LE. E-mail me at: lukeknezevic@gmail.com
  6. Hi, some of you are using the optical support uk weight block to add weight? thanks Marco
  7. Hello all, so I'm a flyer LE owner/ operator with an issue. I'm often on set with rigs that are over my weight limit, and I've heard about operators using elastic bands on the outside of their arms to compensate. Does anyone have experience doing this, or know what sort of material to buy to accomplish this? Hope this will help other operators as well.
  8. Hey Everyone, I recently got my hands on an old Steadicam ProVid. Its in great condition and I'd love to start using it but all the cameras I'm using are just too light. And I'm mainly flying the F35 and old Red Ones! Whats the best way to add some weight to the rig? Thanks!
  9. I had been looking for a good (and cheap) solution for me and my Zephyr to be able to use light cameras (DSLR's) in terms of weight. If I would be living in the states I probably would have tried to get one of those weight plates Janice makes, but I am in Germany, had some time and wanted to try something myself. I had myself a custom weight plate made and wanted to share the design with you...no need for everybody to get all the info all over again. So here are two photos of how the plate turned out (It is steel, burnished, that's where the dark color comes from) and a drawing I made. The *.dwg can be opened and edited with the freeware "DraftSight" (rename the file "Weight_Plate_v6.pdf" to "Weight_Plate_v6.dwg", I was not able to upload this file type here) Cheers! weight_plate.pdf Weight_Plate_v6.pdf
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