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Found 11 results

  1. BarTech Focus Device – 242 & 243 (both systems) $4,100.00 2 units for sale, 242 is best price and 243 with additional accessories BarTech Focus Device 242 $1,950.00 Focus transmitter (s/n T10242); receiver (s/n R10242) b/u antenna Heden M28VP motor (s/n 20270); .4, .5, .6, .8 gears; 19mm clamp w Panavision, 15 mm insert; 2x motor cable BarTech Focus Device 243 $2,250.00 Focus transmitter (s/n T10243) b/u antenna; receiver (s/n R10243) b/u antenna; Heden M28VP motor (s/n 20 271); .4, .5, .6, .8 gears, oversize .4, oversize .8; 19mm clamp w Panavision, 15 mm insert; 2x motor cable rig bracket; matte box rod bracket; butterfly bracket Cables: rig (Ultimate) power; power jumper receiver – receiver; 4 pin XLR power; Arri 3 pin fisher power; Panavision 2 pin lemo power; 11 pin fisher Arri run,3 pin fisher Arri run, Movicam 2 pin lemo run; Panavision run; 25’ data cable (hardwire) Please contact David dscmove@yahoo.com
  2. The Heden Carat Wireless Focus System in the USA Through a partnership with Heden, we have secured the best pricing, customer service, and immediate delivery of Heden products. We are currently offering FREE demo's and 1-day loans of complete Heden Carat Focus kits. Please contact us immediately for details. WE ARE LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES, and can deliver straight to you on set for demo's and loans. Rental units also available, starting at $89.00 per day. SALES@CINOFLEX.COM
  3. Selling my analog Bartech kit. Asking $2500, free shipping within CONUS. - Analog Tx/Rx (S/N 0748) and antennae - Heden M28P-90103 motor - D-tap to LEMO power cable - LEMO-LEMO power cable - "Dogbone" for 15mm rods - 10k pot for thumb control - Extra 32-pitch and iris wheels for 15mm mounts - Extra mounts (small black one needs a new screw to tighten) - Extra strips for handwheel - Case with foam Would be great for someone just starting out (as it was for me.) Works flawlessly, I just need the money for something else right now.
  4. I am selling a Preston Cinema Systems DM-1 Motor (S/N: 2244) configured with a PAM Universal Rosette from Jerry Hill Products (see link below). It was recently sent in to Preston for evaluation and was determined to be in excellent working condition with no issues. Please see pictures attached: Price: $1500 http://steadimoves.com/product/uni-rosette-dm-1-dm-2-motor/
  5. I need to purchase a replacement motor for my M1. I need either an M1 with super low hours, or a refurbished one, or an equivalent motor from another manufacturer that will work with my analog Bartech. I'm local in LA. Please text me at four 2 four two zero two one 7 zero 5. Thanks! -Thor
  6. Preston Motors for Sale - Preston Cinema Systems DM-1 Motor, as well as (2) Preston Cinema Systems DM-2's for sale. All motors are configured with the Pam Universal Rosettes from Jerry Hill Products (please see link and picture below). The DM-2 motors have both been fully serviced by Preston Cinema Systems very recently and have not been used at all since the service. I had them serviced just for the purpose of sale, but just now getting around to actually selling them. The DM-1 was also sent in to Preston for evaluation and was found to be in good operating conditions with no issues. Prices listed are firm. Please email for any further information or you can call 305-665-8835, 9:00am-5:30pm ET with any questions. Will sell separately and take credit card or paypal payment . See service documents attached. http://steadimoves.com/product/uni-rosette-dm-1-dm-2-motor/ Pricing: DM-2 Serial # 3406 - $2000 SOLD DM-2 Serial # 3492 - $2000 DM-1 Serial # 2244 - $1500 preston motor 1.pdf preston motor 2.pdf
  7. Digital Aladin kit c/w 2 handsets 1 receiver 3 motors 10 gears Charger 3 batteries Power lead 3 motor cables GB £5000.00
  8. Selling an analog Bartech and M-One motor in great condition. Reason for sale is its a backup I no longer need. Includes: -Bartech Receiver -Bartech Handunit/Transmitter -M-One Motor & bracket -(6) Motor Gears Various Pitches -(3) Step Down Rings for 15mm and 5/8" -(3) Marking Strips -(1) Marking Disc -(2) Ptap Power Cables -(2) 4 Pin XLR Power Cables -(2) Arri 24V Power Cables -(2) Motor Cables -(2) On/Off Cables (Red One, Arri 3 Pin) -Cable Pouch -Pelican 1450 $4500 Available for pickup in Los Angeles or I can ship in the US Please email AaronMSmith1@yahoo.com
  9. I’m selling my complete Bartech (analog) focus system. I bought this system used in 2010, and it has worked flawlessly ever since. I had both the receiver and transmitter inspected by Jim last year. The package comes with: Bartech transmitter sn: T1.0590 Bartech receiver sn: R1.0590 M-one motor sn: M-1.0278 2x motor cables 6x motor gears (48p, .6p, 64p, .5p, 32p regular, 32p wide) Dog-bone offset with collars for Panavision, 19mm, 15mm 6x plastic marking strips 1x aluminum Focus marking ring Spare antennas Long range antennas PRO cine-live to BFD power cable Hirose to BFD power cable PRO to BFD power cable ((6”) PRO to BFD power cable (24”) D-Tap to BFD power cable BFD to BFD jumper power cable (jump power between 2 receivers) Aaton 16/35 run cable Panavision run cable Arri run cable Arriflex BL/SR run Guitar strap with quick release Everything is in great working/cosmetic condition, with normal signs of use. I added the long-range antennas last year, and they made a big difference in the range of the transmission. I am located in Los Angeles for a local pickup, or buyer pays shipping cost. Pleas feel free to contact me with any questions at valko.steadi@gmail.com PRICE: $3,500 obo
  10. Greetings all and some sad news. Some of you may know UK operator John Ward, if not look him up on IMDB - Full Metal Jacket, Prince of Thieves, Highlander etc. I have known John since around 1986 although he was operating before this with the first Steadicam Model 1 that entered the UK. Some of you may already be aware that John has been seriously ill for some time and things are unlikely to get better for him. In light of this he has asked me to see if anyone is interested in helping him clear his cellar where he has: 1 x Spintec 105mm spinning disc Rain Deflector. These are great devices, I used to sell them when I was at OpTex and they really work. Fits on matte box rails and needs 12 volts, not too much gyroscopic effect unlike the big 300 and 400mm versions. Was £2,500.00 (from memory) looking for £800.00 ono. 1 x Mk-V radio focus. Three channel with three motors (the blue ones) handset and receiver. This was one of only a few made but I believe that Marell Electronics would still be able to maintain it. Not bought from me but originally cost in the order £8,000.00 and would make a newbie operator a nice kit for around £2,500.00 complete. Please note this is a private sale on John's behalf and the items will be sold as seen (I have not seen them yet so am unable to answer questions until after the UK Silver Workshop ending on the 5th December) but do contact me at my Tiffen e-mail robin.thwaites@tiffen.com. Again, this is not a Tiffen sale, just helping a friend. Robin
  11. I am selling my Analog Bartech and M-one motor system. I have recently taken it in to Jim's shop for an upgrade, and it was given a clean bill of health. Works great, very reliable. Comes with the following: - Bartech Transmitter (hand unit) - Bartech Receiver - M-one motor - 32p, 48p, 0.5m, 0.6m lens gears - 2- motor cables - 1- P-tap power cable - 6- lens marking strips - dog-bone offset - iris rod adaptor collet for 19mm-15mm, Panavision - short and long 19mm iris rods for offset I am asking $3,500 for the complete system Pleas email me with any questions Valko.steadi@gmail.com Located in LA for local pickup, or buyer pays shipping
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