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  1. Hi there I'm selling my Wireless HD-Video Transmission System Cam-Wave-5hd. With Anton Bauer Mount. Working Horse, never let me down. Looking for 500$ or best offer. Andreas
  2. Hi Everyone, Up for sale is a Transvideo TitanHD wireless video transmission system. This system has served me well and comes with the High Gain antenna array, which extends the transmission distance and the robustness of the signal. This system comes with the following: - 1 TitanHD transmitter, 1 TitanHD receiver - 5 reciver antennas - 1 High Gain antenna array (comes with 2 full sets of array cables - 1 cable needs soldering) The system comes in its original Pelican case from Transvideo. The High gain array will be shipped in a seperate padded cardboard box (this is how it was originally shipped from Transvideo) The system has scrapes and scratches, the usual wear and tear from everyday use. These don't interfere in the workings of the system. I'm looking for US$1500, but i'm open to offers. The system is located in Sydney, Australia, so there will be shipping costs to consider. Cheers, Nic
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm selling my 2 Boxx Meridian wireless systems. A proven, bulletproof system, the Boxx Meridian is still considered one of the best wireless systems out there. System 1 - 1 Boxx Meridian Transmitter, 1 Receiver - 1 Panel Array with 5 seperate antennas (the array is made up of 4 x 19dBi antennas and 1 x 14dBi antenna) - 8 rubber duckie transmitter antennas (1 full set, 1 full spare set) - 5 rubber duckie receiver antennas - AC power cord - Long and short 4 pin Canon cables - 4 pin Fisher to D-tap cable - Full sets of V lock and AB gold mount plates (currently system has V lock on transmitter, and vlock on battery side of receiver) - Pelican case 1620 (note: the inside of the pelican case isn't form fitted foam. Its dividers to hold the Boxx in place as shown in the photo) System 2 - 1 Boxx Meridian Transmitter, 1 Receiver - 1 Panel Array (The 5-way Panel antenna is a 3 x 19dBi & 2 x 14dBi antenna in single panel housing) - 8 rubber duckie transmitter antennas (1 full set, 1 full spare set) - 5 rubber duckie receiver antennas - AC power cord - Long and short 4 pin Canon cables - 4 pin Fisher to D-tap cable - Full sets of V lock and AB gold mount plates (currently system has V lock on transmitter and receiver) - Pelican case 1620 (note: the inside of the pelican case IS form fitted foam and has a cable pouch fitted to the inside of the lid) Both systems are well used and have scrapes and scratches as illustrated in the photos, these scratches don't interfere with the systems operation. The LCD window on System 1 is slightly damaged as shown in the photo. This doesn't however interfere with the systems operation. I'm looking to get US$1800 for each system, but am open to reasonable offers. The systems are located in Sydney, Australia, so there will be shipping costs to consider. Cheers, Nic
  4. For Sale Selling my new Bolt Sidekicks which have never been used, bought as a backup. They are less than a year old, I am upgrading my system. 2 x Bolt Sidekick 1's (SDI only) works with Bolt Pro 300, 600, and 2000. Brand new, never been used, still in original boxes with original accessories. Asking $1890 US each plus shipping Steve Mrkobrada 1st AC I.A.T.S.E 667, Toronto, Canada blackbeardprod1913@gmail.com
  5. hey yall i have a lightly-used teradek 2000 kit here. kit is in awesome condition. i am selling because i am just not interested in accessories right now. working on building out another rig and other kinds of gear. -1 transmitter in anton bauer cage with pass-through power -1 receiver in anton bauer cage with pass-through power all sorts of cables hardware for mounting extra antennae extra screws, etc. recently sent to teradek for pre-sale inspection. then tested by an AC. it all checks out great. the anton bauer cages are by far the best way of mounting these. i have two sidekicks that I am willing to sell with the kit if that is a deal-maker. i already have a buyer for these, so i will not part them out separately, they will only be included if you want the whole shabang. one sidekick includes a mount. im feelin 7500 for everything EXCEPT sidekicks. if you want the sidekicks as well then 10200 located in atlanta let me know if you are interested. feel free to reach out with any questions. but lets talk before you start haggling. brett.
  6. Almost new, with new firmaware that allows you to stream at distance (*with cellphone connection) and locally to smart displays. works perfectly as long as you have reception (works even better when paired with Teradek's Bond). Have pretty much a recorder, wireless transmission and/or streaming capabilitiesin one piece of gear. You get what comes in the box, even the box!! $1,900.00 Located in LA
  7. Up for grabs this fantastic wireless video system, comes with one transmitter and 2 receivers one is an Arrow X the other a Sidekick. 700' of range (300' for the sidekick) versatile and compact, comes with everything pictured, which is basically what you need as a turn key wireless. Recently finished a show where in worked fine for the Director's monitor. $4,400.00 LA based
  8. Preston MDR 2 with G4 transmitter with stop/ start cables and power cables for most cameras. Great back up if you MDR3 goes down. Very good condition- bought new from Preston- single owner. Also, great to leave on your sled to do double duty with your existing FIZ 3 setup. You can leave your MDR 3 on your conventional camera (A or B camera) and use this MDR for Steadicam. Comes with two different MDR mounts and hardware. Price: $3000.00 Happy to answer any questions or take any additional photos for you.
  9. Selling my analog Bartech system. Comes complete with: -hand unit -blue MK-V motor -rail mount with 15mm adaptor -motor cable -p tap power cable -extra focus rings -case Asking price is $2k OBO. Make me an offer. Brendan
  10. hey yall im about to sell an OG preston 1: HU1, MDR1, etc. Someone asked if they can control iris with a single channel preston hand unit. im pretty sure that this is not possible, but does anyone know for sure? I know that there is a small iris wheel that can be hard wired to the HU1, but curious about wireless iris control. have a good one brett.
  11. For Sale-- Preston HU2 with Transceiver and G3 MDR2 Board. Also comes with Omnishot to Sony Battery Adapter and (2) Microforce Analog Cables. $700 OBO MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  12. I am selling my digital receiver for my Bartech. here is a link to the ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/182555572100 If you want to make an offer lemme know. Benjamin Casias STEADICAM/CINEMATOGRAPHER BenjaminCasias.com 818.850.2216
  13. [Complete Steadicam System] The time has come for me to part ways with my starter steadicam rig! I bought the system about 2.5 years ago and it has done me well. The arm was recently serviced by Tiffen. The sled recently serviced electronically and mechanically by Terry West and Robert Luna so it is up to specs! This is a fantastic starter package for someone looking to get started with a pro rig. Sled, monitor yoke, dock, and various bits and pieces come in a standard production hard case. Included is a universal mounting plate. The sled is all upgraded internal HD and 24/12v internal power wiring. There's also an analog BNC and HD BNC that runs through the system. 2 Anton Bauer battery mounts have been added as an upgrade to the sled for power. Cam jam monitor arm with yoke is a must have. Has greatly helped with my rig balancing and switching back and forth from low mode. You simply just flip the monitor and it doesn't change anything with the rig's balance. The yoke fits pretty much any monitor you'd want to put on it, but additional spacers may be required to fit the different monitors out there. I have spacers for a SmallHD DP7 that I will include. Most will say the Master Series sled doesn't fit onto the IIIA arm, and you are right! Luckily I got a new post from Robert Luna that makes the 2 compatible. Works flawlessly. Ultra II vest shows some signs of regular use, but is still in great working condition. Safety release works perfectly, socket block is undamaged. Bartech analog unit has been fantastic. Includes a hand unit, receiver, motor, and various power cables, motor cable, etc. Anton Bauer LP2 Dual Gold Mount charger with 2 HC Dionic AB batteries. Both were recently sent back to Anton Bauer to get re-celled. The batteries are in perfect working order. See below for a list of what's included. There are a few things I didn't talk about here. Included: -Master Series upgraded HD sled -Docking bracket -Low mode bracket -Camjam monitor arm with yoke -Various BNC cables, tools, miscellaneous bits and pieces -Hard case for the sled, docking bracket, cam jam monitor arm and yoke -CP IIIA arm -Allen wrench for adjusting the arm tension -Rain cover for the arm -Master Series sled compatible post for IIIA arm -Long post -Bag for the arm -Ultra II vest with socket block (can be switched to either side of the vest) -Soft bag for carrying the vest, arm, rain cover, and Mitchell hard mount -Mitchell hard mount -Bartech analog wireless follow focus receiver -Bartech hand unit -Wireless follow focus motor -15mm rail adaptor for motor -Power and motor cables for Bartech -Bartech system carrying case -Anton Bauer LP2 dual gold mount charger w/power cable -2 HC Dionic AB batteries Total is $24,400 This is practically everything you need in order to get operating. It's also a fantastic back-up rig. Please contact me if you have any questions. Buyer pays shipping costs, PayPal (or any other money transfer) fees. I'd prefer to do this over PayPal. Bill of sale will be sent to buyer. If you refer someone else (who actually ends up buying the system, that is) I am willing to pay you $300. So please refer! All pictures are of my equipment. No stock photos or anyone else's gear other than mine pictured. Photos (including photos of the Bartech): https://flic.kr/s/aHskR4sU77
  14. Hello! I am selling my analog bartech system with some extra goodies. Included: - Hand unit - Transmitter - Cables - MK-V FMG-6 motor - 15mm adaptor - Motor rod mount - Extra focus rings - Extra gears Message me and let's talk about it! Asking price is $2700
  15. Hi, I am selling a used analog Bartech. Everything is verified to be in working order. More pictures can be seen here: http://imgur.com/a/M4r4c Asking for $2000 USD or Best Offer. Shipping is extra. I'm selling from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Local pickup can be arranged if it works better for you. Included: Bartech Focus Device (BFD) Hand Unit Transmitter (SN: T1.0093) w/ Antenna, Neckstrap Bartech Analog Receiver (SN: R1.0093) w/ Antenna Heden M26P Analog Motor (SN: 86303) Backup Antenna Motor to 15mm Rod Angled Bracket Receiver to 15mm Rods Bracket 15mm Rod to 19mm Rod Adapter Bracket w/ 3" 15mm Rod Motor 4-hole Bracket 4mm Hex T-Handle Wrench 2x Backup Screw for Marking Straps 7.5" Bartech Daisy Chain Cable 2x 23" Motor Cable - 5p Lemo (m) to 5p Lemo (m) 54" Anton Bauer Power Tap Receiver Power Cable - 2p P-Tap (m) to 2p Lemo (m) 19" 4p XLR Receiver Power Cable - 4p XLR (m) to 2p Lemo (m) 27" 4p Hirose Receiver Power Cable - 4p Hirose (m) to 2p Lemo (m) 25" 11p Fischer Receiver Power Cable - 11p Fischer (m) to 2p Lemo (m) 19" ARRI Run/Stop Cable - 3p Fischer (m) to 2p(m)/2p(f) Lemo 6" ARRI-to-RED One Run/Stop Cable - 3p Fischer (f) to 4p Lemo (m) 24" Epic Run/Stop Cable w/ Interface Box - BNC (m) to 2p(m)/2p(f) Lemo 2x CR1632 Batteries for Epic Run/Stop Interface Box 9x Plastic Marking Strips Black Case
  16. Selling my Preston HU3 with MDR3 kit and Single Channel F/I. Whole system is a year old and has never sat on a shelf at a rental house. All firmware is up to date and is LR2 ready. Kit also includes a CleansCameraSupport monitor bracket for the HU3, along with a custom battery plate made by AbelCine for a 5.5" TV Logic monitor to power the monitor and a Teradek receiver off of one or two Canon batteries. All motors are set up for Jerry Hill brackets. MDR3 has a Jerry Hill mounting paddle bracket. Looking to buy a Preston but don't feel like waiting six months for it to arrive? Look no further. Are you located in Europe and don't want to deal with shipping or customs? I'll be in London January 4th for several months and will arrange delivery to you. Kit includes: Preston HU3 (4060-G4) serial #2805 with A, B, C, D, E premarked rings and 3 blank rings MDR-3 (4110) #1563 Single Channel F/I Controller (4024-G4) #2174 with 5 blank rings Digital Radio MicroForce 2 (4015-G4) #D26200 Two DM-2 Motors (4201a) #6326/6309 One DM1-X Motor (4205a) #4132 Cables: -3 Right to Straight Motor Cables (4412) -1 Right to Right Motor Cable (4411) -MDR-3 CineTape Readout Cable (4742) -2 Anton Bauer PTap Power Cables to MDR3 (4641) -Digital MicroForce to FiZ (4545) -Panavision Power to MDR3 (4626) -Arri 24vDC Power to MDR3 (4699) -12v Master Power (4668) -Arri/MovieCam 3pin Lemo to MDR3 RS (4721) -Red Epic to MDR3 RS (4746) Paid $35,000 for the complete Preston kit, plus another $1500 in brackets Asking $29,000 pictures available on request
  17. G4 Blue Dot Preston MDR-2 + Cables and Bracket $4,000 (Located in Miami, but happy to ship) MDR-2 Kit for Sale Includes: - Preston Cinema MDR-2 G4 Blue Dot Motor Driver - MDR2 Bracket with 3/8"-16 tie down - 2x Power Cables: - MDR2 to 3-pin Lemo Power - MDR2 to Panavision 2-pin Power - 2x MDR2 to 4-pin Hirose Run Cables (Sony F55) - 2x MDR2 to Arri 3pin Lemo Run Cables - 1x MDR2 to RED Epic Run Cable - 1x MDR2 to Panavision 10-pin run Cable - 1x MDR2 Cinetape Interface Cable
  18. Hi Guys, We've introduced two new Bolt systems today: the Bolt 1000 and 3000. The website sums up what the new capabilities are (and how the specs compare to our current systems), but the short story is: Longer Range Now up to 3000ft (1000ft for the Bolt 1000) 20MHz Channels Available only on the 3000, 20MHz channels allow you to operate more than twice as many Bolts at one location (provided RF conditions permit). It also allows you to avoid heavy interference since these channels use less bandwidth. The drawback is that the PSF, interlaced, and 1080p60/50 are not currently supported in this mode - we are working on a software fix for it. 2 New DFS Channels Even more spectrum to transmit over in the USA and Europe 20% Smaller Chassis The TX is lighter and a good deal smaller than the current systems. The RX is the same size and a little lighter. Bolt Identity The TX and RX now have colored caps that can be swapped in and out, allowing you to more easily identity which units are paired together while on set. Rapid Reconnection Reconnect times have been greatly improved - nearly instantaneous once you come back into range. This goes hand in hand with all of the work we've done to the firmware to make the system rock solid. Built-in HDMI to SDI converter You can connect both your on-camera monitor and your video source via the Bolt TX (HDMI in, SDI Loop Out to monitor). This was not possible on previous versions of Bolt. New Firmware We've spent a lot of time refining how our software works to ensure these units hit their full range right out of the box. The wireless link has been greatly improved so it should be much more resilient in tougher conditions. Metadata All of the features found on our current systems is also be available on these new models. New Bolt models come in SDI only and Dual (HDMI + 3G-SDI) varieties. Pricing starts at $9490 for Bolt 3000 SDI and $5490 for Bolt 1000 SDI. Shipping now. Let me know if you guys have any questions.
  19. Does anybody have any experience working with the Teradek Beam, either on their rig or just in general? I'm looking at wireless options and the Beam is interesting because it has bi-directional IFB as an extra feature. How reliable is the signal for live on-air work? In a reasonable environment, does it take hits from time to time? Also, does anybody know of a production house that rents the unit out? I would really like to give it a try.
  20. Servus! i am selling a Bolt 2000 SDI&HDMI Receiver (RX) in a very good condition. including: 1x Bolt 2000 RX 1x Power-Supply 5x Antenna 1x SDI Cable 1x HDMI Cable (should be the original content) located in germany 3.700 USD or 3.500 € +shipping (+VAT if necessary) i try to make some pictures within the next days also available: Teradek Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Dual Input Set (TX+RX) http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=25251 Teradek Sidekick Companion Receiver SDI auf wiedersehen, Karsten
  21. Guten Tag! i am selling a Bolt 2000 Dual-Input (SDI&HDMI In/Outputs) TX+RX Set in a very good condition. including: 1x Bolt 2000 TX 1x Bolt 2000 RX 1x P-Tap Cable 1x Power-Supply 7x Antenna 1x Case 1x SDI Cable 1x HDMI Cable (should be the original content) located in germany 7.500 USD or 7.000 € +shipping (+VAT if necessary) i try to make some pictures within the next days also available: 2nd Bolt 2000 SDI/HDMI Receiver Teradek Sidekick Companion Receiver SDI pfiats eich, Karsten
  22. I am selling my two(2) IDX Camwave CW-7 transmitters with V-lock battery plates. Transmit uncompressed 422 1080p HD-SDI up to 330'(100m). They have a bit of cosmetic wear but they are in great working condition and have never had an issue. Both sets have had firmware updated by IDX to the latest version which allows the DFS mode (stronger connection) to connect and re-connect lost signal in a couple seconds instead of the original 60 second link time. Original boxes and manuals included. Range and connection compares to Teradek Bolt 300 Pro. Asking $1250 each or both sets together for $2000. Shipping included. Message me for more info and pics. nick.malcolm@icloud.com
  23. Hi all Transvideo TX & RX kit comes with small pelican case 1 x TX,RX each unit 1 x AC to DC adaptor /w power cable 2 x Lemo 4p to hirose 6P power cable 2 x Antennas Works great! Email me at steadi7 at naver.com 650USD + buyer pays shipping ( ships in solar system )
  24. Up for sale, a Paralinx Arrow + 1:3 kit. Its first gen, so its good for line of sight out to about 300', and 150' otherwise. This kit has (1) tx and (3) rx. Included are the power cables for all, and remotes for the rx's. ( There are only 2 IR plug-in receivers for the RX's.) Also included is the Crossbow, which is an HDSDI to HDMI converter (the RX fits into the chassis of the Crossbow). Power cables included are DC to 2 pin, and DC to D-tap. A side note : Crossbow does not pass embedded audio, nor does it transmit PSF framerates. So if you've got a Sony camera that does PSF, this probably won't work for you. Everything works fine, but is sold used, as is. Looking for $1300 for the entire thing. Drop me a PM an email at beau800@Gmail.com. Thanks for looking!
  25. hey yall i was handed a teradek bolt to try for today on set and i have a questions regarding the receiver and power sources. the package contents contain 2x ptap to lemo, suggesting to me that a cable would go to each the transmitter and receiver. the transmitter worked fine with the cable and patp power. i had the receiver screwed atop a smallhd ac7, which was powered by an anton bauer dionic 90 and hytron 140 for testing. the monitor received power normally but when i plugged the teradek receiver in via ptap to lemo, the monitor shut off and the battery meter flashed. i tried this with a vmount adapter and battery (not connected to the monitor) with the same result. when the receiver is plug into dc power it works fine. the teradek bolt power input reads 6-28v i am still behind on my eletrical knowledge. why would none of the batteries power the bolt? im sure this is somethin as simple as "it draws too many volts," but why does the the input show 6-28v? have a good one. brett.
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