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  1. Remote Air one kit with a standard torque motor. Comes with: - 2x15mm Rod Adaptor Rings - 2x Antenna - Standard Torque Motor - P-Tap Power Cord - Motor Drive Line Cable - Receiver/Motor Controller - Single Channel Wireless Follow Focus Hand Unit -USB Charger and Cable -Hard Case Very lightly used Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7y12ejfmr9m02lb/AAAidYtx4ZurG8099-_VWhEZa?dl=0
  2. Dear Collegues Up for sale is my trusty Chrosziel GENIO Wireless follow focus system by Christian Betz. This is the 2 ch version, it comes in almost pristine conditions with lens gears, cables and 2 Heden M26P motors. Everything in case. Item is located in Italy but willing to shipping worldwide; buyer pays for shipping charges or must arrange for pick up. Buyers are welcome to come and try the system out themselves, eventually collect it directly here. Price is either € 4.500,00 or $ 4,900.00 but i'm open to negotiate a bit for a quick sale. Please feel free to get in touch for any further information.
  3. Viper 300 was released earlier this year; it was unveiled at BVE 2016. A zero-latency HD-SDI video link with innovative manual channel selection and zero interference issues, the Viper 300 is perfect for multi-camera productions. Optical Support sell (and rent out) the units with either single or twin receivers, with the transmitter simply docking onto any V-Loc battery plate - giving you the ability to turn a range of cameras into versatile wireless camera systems. Aside from being compact and lightweight (0.5kg per receiver/0.4kg per transmitter,) The Viper 300 allows for manual channel selection to avoid interference issues when working in a multiple-camera scenario. When coupled with its >300 metre range, the Viper becomes a powerhouse of a video link - even when compared to some of its more established competitors. The Viper 300 provides more range and less interference at a more economical price. Chris Jordan, freelance London-based grip, was more than happy when he took the Viper on a shoot - remarking there was "no breakup at all" and that the Viper has a "good size transmitter as well". Used these at the beginning of the year. Its up there with the teradeck 2000. Highly recommend for camera dept peeps https://t.co/wS9ZCHfCq1 — Andy Jones (@AndyJones53) June 7, 2016 The Viper 300 will be on sale at £3,500 (down from £3,995) for a single receiver package, or £5,000 (from £5,500) for the twin receiver package during the whole of June 2016, to celebrate our newest batch of Viper 300 units - which are now available for shipping!
  4. Selling my friends bartech wireless focus kit analog I guess it's m-one motor Power cables xlr4 lemo4 Motor cable Case and everything that's on the pictures... Everything is working good. Price 2900$ plus shipping
  5. Digital 2 Channel Bartech Handunit (BFD Systems) w/ Heden M26VE Motor and F Stop 2.1 Digital Transmitter For Sale (Almost Brand New): Sale Price: $3750.00 USD (Including Shipping) RRP: $5700.00+ USD Almost brand new condition, barely used. Iris slider installed and calibrated, comes with 2 x Lemo Power Motor Cables, 2 x Dtap Transmitter Motor Cables and Red Epic/Dragon Rec/Run Lemo Cable (RRP: $250) All complete in a custom laser cut Pelican Storm case. If you're interested, please contact me via email: liamgilmour@gmail.com Thanks for looking.
  6. ...the big one, Valet parking!!! Teradek will be hosting a special event that takes an in-depth look at our latest product, COLR. Saturday, March 5th 2pm-6pm at our newest location, Creative Solutions Los Angeles (CSLA) 5329 West San Fernando Road Los Angeles, CA 90039 Please RSVP here: shopcreativesolutions.com/RSVP Hope to see you there!
  7. Hello Everyone! At NAB 2014 IDX introduced the CW-3, the world'd lightest 3G-SDI transmission system priced under $2,000. If you missed us, check out what we showcased HERE. The CW-3 is now available through any authroized IDX Dealer. Thanks! Zack
  8. $7,000 OBO I'm selling my lightly used Paralinx Tomahawk SDI 1:1 kit. Kit is on mint condition and includes: Paralinx Tomahawk SDI transmitter Paralinx Tomahawk SDI receiver Paralinx Perch mounting bracket for receiver Anton/Bauer power pass-through plate for receiver Paralinx Sidearm mounting bracket for transmitter Standard antennas AC adapter Arri 2-pin power cable P-Tap power cable Hard case I will be considering reasonable offers. The value of this kit purchased new directly from Paralinx is over $8,150.
  9. Kit comes with: 1 x Transmitter 2 x Receivers (both have female vlock plates and one has male as well) 2 x perch mounts. One for each receiver 2 x spud mounts. One for each perch 1 x threaded mount on the transmitter 2 x hiroshi to two pin transmitter power 1 x Ptap to two pin transmitter power 1 x receiver AC power 1 x pelican case that holds entire kit minus one of the receivers 12 x antenna I purchased it new four months ago. Has been rented on the same show for the past three months. Pretty much new. Contact sasha.proctor@gmail.com Asking $6500usd
  10. Hello every one, some time ago, I went crazy about what to buy for my first rig and after I started digging, I found there are hundreds of options and possible combinations to build from the cheapest rig to the most professional that can be found. I don't wanna bore you so i'll cut to the point. I made a chart with all the information about brands and prices I could find for different sleds, arms, vests, wireless focus systems, wireless video systems, monitors and batteries. This chart is not complete, as there are always new gadgets out there, but I believe it will help you get an idea, of what you could buy, or at least give you a glimpse of what are the options. I originally did this only for my self, but I thought it would be nice to share it with such a good community. I also made this document editable, so please feel free to add anything or correct it if needed. Have fun! :) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxwiMldAo7EhZUZfMmtTMkdHRDA/view?usp=sharing
  11. Kit comes with: 1 x Transmitter 2 x Receivers (both have female vlock plates and one has male) 2 x perch mounts. One for each receiver 2 x spud mounts. One for each perch 1 x threaded mount on the transmitter 2 x hiroshi to two pin transmitter power 1 x Ptap to two pin transmitter power 1 x receiver AC power 1 x pelican case that holds entire kit minus one of the receivers 12 x antenna I purchased it new three months ago. Has been rented on the same show for the past three months. Pretty much new. Contact sasha.proctor@gmail.com Asking $6800usd
  12. For Sale (Obviously) Recon Ultra TX/RX Kit (Everything shown included) I've had this guy on the shelf for a while and need to give it a new home. ASKING $2,000 OBO Perfect working order. This has been a solid device for me - on par with Bolt Pro (not Bolt 2000 or Tomahawk). Extra set of rubber ducky antennas in addition to the fan-blade antennas that came with it. Wiring upgrade to allow the AB mounts to pass power through to the p-taps. Quieter fan installed than what it came with (factory install).
  13. For sale is a complete BarTech Follow Focus System. Here is what's included: BFD Receiver BFD Transmitter (4) Extra Antenna Price New: $2100 M-One Motor (6) Lens Gear Pitch Rings (2) Motor Cables (5) Rod Adapters Price New: $2500 (1) BFD Receiver Rod Mount Price New: $150 (1) RED Run Stop Cable Price New: $150 (1) Arri Run Stop Cable Price New: $150 (1) D (or P) Tap Motor Power Cable Price New: $125 (1) Ultra to BFD Power Cable Price New: $125 (1) BFD to BFD Power Cable Price New: $125 (1) Extra Long Motor Cable For Mounting BFD on a jib Price New: $225 (1) BFD Gimbal Control Price New: $200 (1) Plastic BFD Case Price New: $150 Plus some mounting accessories to attach other systems to the rod adapter. The whole thing was recently services by Jim Bartell from BarTech Engineering and Don Wetzel from Palomar Engineering, Inc. Asking for $3100.00 Buyer pays shipping. Thank you.
  14. Not follow focus, but still zoom related: I'm looking for the ability to zoom and ENG lens while using an AR Omega. Wireless is not an option due to the frequency spectrum already used in the studio. This is for the operator to control and should be a gimbal handle mounted controller. This is for studio use and will be used for along time. My thought process is a Libec, Stanton or gZoom with a super elongated cable, with only zoom capabilities. No need for return or comms control as the camera is a P1 with canon lens broadcast via RF. Does anyone have the pinout for the 8 pin lens controller? Does anyone have an existing solution which can be borrowed for testing or purchase? Does anyone have any better ideas? Thank you!
  15. The CW-5HD is designed to wirelessly transmit HD images from any standard ENG broadcast camera to field monitor in professional quality clarity and definition. Ideal for live real-time viewing, this happens with a latency of less than 1 millisecond. Images transmitted in real-time with latency less than 1 millisecond Fully uncompressed, high definition images with embedded sound Uni-cast and multi-cast modes for reception on up to 4 receivers simultaneously Automatically detects between HD-SDI & SD-SDI video Transmission range of 50m line of sight or 30m through walls Wireless transmission via MIMO/OFDM, operating between the 5.1 & 5.8Ghz band Complete audio/video synchronisation Stylish and rugged design, with no visible or external antenna I have 3 pairs to sell. Please see images, if you would like to know anymore information about the Camwaves or price please email mail@camerarevolution.com. Almost new!!! ​Look forward to hearing from you, Lucy Whitelocks Camera Revolution
  16. Comprehensive 3 Channel Preston Wireless Follow Focus System. All items owned from new, all original G4 (not upgraded G3 units). Can negotiate on type of motors included, or any extras. (brackets, etc) I also have a Preston Single Channel MDR G4 (VLC) available if you are interested. HU3 Handset has some surface scratching from normal use. MDR, DMF, RMF all very clean - see photos. As listed below new would cost over $35 000. Asking $25 000, available immediately. Will ship anywhere in the world by negotiation. PM any questions, etc. No time wasters please. System includes: Handsets & Controllers: 1 x MDR2 G4 (3 Channel Motor Controller) 1 x HU3 G4 (Handset) 1 x RMF G4 (Radio Microforce) 3 x Heden M26VE Motors (incl full gear sets) Misc Cables: 1 x Firmware Update Cable 1 x HU3 - DMF Cable 1 x 30’ Command Cable 1 x HU3-RMF Cable Power Cables (Total 9) 1 x 3 Pin XLR 24V PV 3 x P-Tap 12V (Red, Generic) 2 x 11pin Fisher 12V (Arri Film) 1 x 3pin RS 24V (Arri Film, Alexa, Amira) 1 x 2pin PV 24V (Panavision) 1 x 3pin PV 12V (Panavision) Command (Run) Cables (Total 11) 1 x 3pin RS Power/Run Y COMBO Cable (Arri Film, Alexa, Amira) 1 x 3pin RS (Arri Film, Alexa, Amira) 1 x Fisher11 (Arri Film Cameras) 1 x Hirose (Sony F5, F55) 2 x BNC - 1 X Male, 1 X Female (Red Scarlet, Epic, Dragon) 2 x Red One 2 x Panavision Genesis 1 x Panavision Film Cameras Motor Cables (Total 9) 3 x Straight / Straight 3 x Straight / Right Angle 3 x Right Angle / Right Angle Brackets, etc 1 x Spare MDR2 Antenna 1 x HU3 Handgrip 1 x HU3 Handgrip Blank Plate 4 x 19mm-15mm Step Down Collets 3 x 19mm-PV Step-Down Collets 4 x Pre Marked Focus Discs (A/B/C/D) 5 x Blank Focus Discs 2 x Standard Batteries 2 x High Capacity Batteries 1 x Sony Battery Charger 1 x Travel Charger (AC/DC, can charge from car socket) 1 x 19mm-15mm Dogbone Bracket with 15mm Rod 1 x 3MB-5 Extended Reach Bracket for Heden Motors 1 x Element Technica Vlock Quickclamp 1 x Element Technica Vlock MDR2 Spider Bracket 4 x Cable Pouches 1 x Custom M2700 Storm Case Ben R 1AC
  17. Looking to get my hands on a HU3 or WCU4 as well as a CineTape or Arri equivalent.
  18. I have one Custom Interface shark fin antenna for sale. $75 email me for any questions at richfate@me.com Thanks, Richard
  19. Brand new 2nd gen Bolt 2000 for sale. Dual HDMI/SDI in and out. Transmitter, receiver, two HDMI cables, 2 BNC cables, P-Tap power cable, baby pin receiver, antennae, AC power adaptor, case. $8000. In Los Angeles.
  20. Up for sale is a Preston 3 Channel Wireless System. It was used as a backup System and is in very good condition. The package is ready to shoot. It is located in EU. Asking 12.000,- Euro 1 PRESTON FI+Z Handunit w. Rubbergrip (Sr# 2154) 1 PRESTON FI+Z Transmitter (Sr# 49213) 1 PRESTON Microwave Receiver MR (Sr# MR-1186) 1 PRESTON 3 Channel Motor Driver MDR-1 (Sr# 1327) 2 PRESTON Motor DM1 with 15mm Rod (Sr# 1080, 1079) 1 PRESTON Iris-Extension Unit 2 PRESTON Fast Charger 4 Batteries Cables: 2 Motorcables 1 GPI-PRO > MDR PwrCable 1 MDR PwrCable 4 Start/Stop Cable f. different Filmcameras 1 Irisunit > Handunit Cable 1 Handunit > Motordrive Cable 1 Powercable 220V Brackets, Gears: 2 PRESTON Motor Brackets 2 Distance Disks 15/19mm 1 Bracket MDR > GPI-PRO w 4 Screws 2 15mm Rods f. Dovetail-plate 3 15mm Rods Red 3 15mm Bars blue 2 Gears Fujinon 1 Gear Extension Primelens 1 Gear F Zeiss HS Accessories & Spares: 2 Receiver Antenna 2 Transmitter Antenna 10 Scalerings 5 Scaledisc Flat 2 Scalebar Flat 1 Neckstrap 1 Accessory Bracket 1 Bag: Receiver Screws 1 Pelicase 1600 Preston Case 62x53x23, 15kg
  21. Hi everybody and a happy new year, There already was a thread about the focus device I was interested in - but that started a bit biased for my taste, so I made up my mind to start all over with a new one. If in need for a lightweight and affordable/shoestring budget single channel digital focus system, it seems like there are but 2 options at the moment: The Ikan (PD Movie) and the Cinegears system. As I like the design of the Cinegears better (receiver and motor in one package, 4 programmable stops on the remote) and there was a quite well documented group buy on RedUser.com with no drastically bad experiences I ordered a kit via Amazon.de (atm the only official shop Cinegears have in Germany). What can I say: The kit arrived, it is reasonably well built and works as advertised. It adds just 370 grams to a camera package and so is a good option for a Pilot system. Speed and lag: The standard motor does close to 3 revs/sec max and for the sake of smoothness there is a ramp phase with every acceleration of the motor. The lag is there but imo very acceptable. I can imagine that with large diameter lenses (proper cinema) the speed may feel too low, for my smaller diameter samyang glass (with shorter throw) I could even put on the smaller 0.8 gear for more torque. Noise: The system is audible at fast movements, the tiny amount of play in the gear box does make a soft "click" at hard topspeed back/forth movements. But still okay for the sound department imo. Precision: The system is precise, it does not drift, it remembers all settings when powered off. Of course the lens has to be fixed to the rig with a support so there is no play. The 4 programmable stops are easy to set. I did not check max range yet. Handling: With Samyang VDSLR lenses (that are just geared manual photo lenses), there is no proper hard infinity stop. I found it practical to use the systems auto mapping and set infinity with one of the two hard stops on the remote (losing only about 4 mm of way). There is a manual mapping feature that is a bit too complicated (as you can't dial the stops in with the remote) imo. Nice: Also the remote is quite light and compact, I was able to use it on the Pilot gimbal handle as it comes with a clamp (another reason I preferred the CineGears over the PD). Having 4 soft stop presets at your fingertip or using the remote as a thumb wheel is nice, although it gets a little cramped with the short gimbal handle and can get in the way of the top stage in some setups. Things I don't like so much: • Only one of the gears (the large 0.8 that is factory mounted) is made of aluminum, the 4 other gears are plastic. I'll see how long they will last. • The tiny bit of play in the gearbox is acceptable as it is (it translates to less than 0.5 mm on the lens gear) - but if this changes for the worse, I'll have to contact Cinegears customer service and will only see then how professional they intend to be. At least, communication with them was quite fast. ;-) Any questions? Fire away. All the best, Frank
  22. hey yall i have an IDX CamWave CW5-HD wireless transmitter here. V-Lok and SDI. $1200 it is used and has some wear but works great. it has been my backup for a few years. just time to slim down. the unit works great, locks signal quickly (in my experience). my test today gave me about 50' with two double-thick brick walls. it started to scramble at about 60' after the third brick wall. receiver has lots of hard-side vel-cro. let me know if you have any questions. i am located in los angeles (though ill be in new york this week and can bring it with me if you contact me before tuesday 4a pacific). happy to ship anywhere. $1200 pretty much priced to sell. let me know if you are interested in a trade. ive also got lots of IDX batteries and charger (with case), a 7" hdmi marshall monitor, and a nanoflash if you need a bunch of stuff. brett.
  23. PARALINX - HOLIDAY WEEKEND DEALS START NOW CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS The 2014 Paralinx Holiday Weekend Rebate is here! For this weekend only all Tomahawk 1:1 systems qualify for a$1000 mail-in rebate while all Arrow-X 1:1 systems qualify for a $700 mail-in rebate. Additional receivers for each system qualify for $250 rebates. Any purchase made between November 27 and December 1 at Paralinx.net or an Authorized Paralinx Reseller qualifies for the offer! Details What are the rebate conditions? The rebate is valid for all qualifying purchases from November 27, 2014 through December 1, 2014. Rebate only valid for purchases made within the United States from Paralinx.net or from an Authorized Paralinx Reseller. Rebate checks must be sent to a physical address and not a P.O. Box. Payment will be made in the form of United States Dollars. Rebate form must be submitted no later than December 31, 2014. Rebate payments will be issued within 60 days of form submission. Only one rebate may be submitted per qualifying purchase. rebate is not transferable and is only valid for purchasing customer. Rebate not valid with any other discount or offer. Offer not valid on 1:2 Deluxe Packages. How long will it take to receive my rebate? Rebates may take up to 60 days to process. What information do I need in order to complete the rebate form? Place of purchase Date of purchase A copy of your sales receipt or invoice What is the time frame to claim a rebate? You must file your rebate claim by December 31, 2014 How long will the rebate last? Rebate promotion is valid from November 27, 2014 through December 1, 2014 How do I claim my rebate? Complete the online rebate form on the Paralinx website http://www.paralinx.net/rebate HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  24. Hey all, I've been seeing a lot of wireless follow focus units coming out and already in existence. I personally use a Preston FiZ or Chrosziel Magnum (Owned by Evidence Camera Rentals in Echo park) but have been wanting my own unit for my personal shoots. I don't have the budget to get my own FiZ or anything fancy but I would like to spend maybe a few grand on something that is somewhat reliable. I really only need one motor at this point for low end stuff, but the option for more couldn't hurt, and definitely would like something that can worth well with other brand motors if need be. What do you think? Any suggestions? Thoughts? Thank you for your responses! - James
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