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  1. Wireless Follow Focus unit Comes with Digital BarTech receiver (S/N : PLC-fSTOP-0170) (Device ID -0170) Handset (S/N : T1.1253) Power cable (10pin Hirose to 3pin Fisher) Pelican case Location : Vancouver, Canada Price : $2000
  2. Preston HU2 Omnishot Battery Adapter 18 Marking Rings 3 Batteries 1 Charger Preston MDR2 Everything is in good condition. Make an Offer. Email questions or offers to Justinwat@gmail.com. Thanks!
  3. 2 x Analog Bartech Systems with M-One motors. One is a BFD focus system with rotary control knob and the other is a BFD iris system with linear slider. Includes many cables, comes with marking strips and 5 marking rings, various gears and collars for the M-one, 2 spare antennas, pelican case 1550, everything you see pictured. Serviced this week and ready for sale. Great starter kit, I used them on Covert Affairs and Orphan Black. Asking $5,600 US for the whole Package plus shipping 10' direct connect cable 4x M-One motor cables 1x M-One motor cable right angle power cables; XLR 4-pin 12V cable Hirose power cable Arri 11pin Fischer cable Pana 2pin Lemo 24V-16V converter cable Arri 3pin 24V-16V converter cable 2 short Bartech slave power cables to gang the receivers together control stop/start cables; Red cntrl Arri cntrl Pana cntrl Aaton cntrl Arri 435/535/SR3 with 24V-16V converter
  4. Hard to tell exactly how legit this device is, but after having read everything it seems like it could be a good buy. I'm a newbie so my opinion isn't exactly valid, any pros with opinions on this one? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smilink/smilink
  5. M-One Lens Analog Drive Motor S/N : M-1.0064 2 x Motor Cables 6 x Pitch Gears Mounting Bracket Pelican Case Location : Vancouver, Canada Make me an offer
  6. BarTech Digital Receiver (B.D.R) and handset. Comes with power cable and pelican case Used, good condition $2000
  7. IDX wireless video package Like the paralinx but through IDX, same robust signal. Uses native HDMI connections, but comes with the paralinx crossbow HDSDI to HDMI converter, and Atoms HDMI to HDSDI converter for the receiving end for video village. HDMI or HDSDI (or any combination) you can run it with this package. Got all the bits n pieces to connect and power it too. Everything included. $1200
  8. For NAB 2014, Teradek is releasing 3 new transmitters and 3 new receivers for the popular Bolt family of zero delay wireless video transmission products. Like previous models, the new Bolt Pro systems offer the same great uncompressed, zero delay 10bit 4:2:2 video transmission over the unlicensed 5GHz band. Click for PDF Brochure Bolt Pro 300 TX The Bolt Pro 300 is the latest update to the best selling Bolt Pro line, offering both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs and an improved chassis design that runs cooler. The 300 model maintains internal antennas, which cannot be modified. Bolt Pro 600 TX The Bolt Pro 600 uses a new RF design that extends the transmission range up to 600ft line of sight. The device can also be outfitted with higher gain antennas that will provide a more resilient wireless link when using longer distances. Best of all, the 600 model includes both an HDMI and 3G-SDI input so you’ll be able to use it on just about any production. Bolt Pro 2000 TX The Bolt Pro 2000 increases the range all the way up to to 2000ft line of sight and includes both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs so it can function on any modern camera rig. Like the 600 model, Bolt Pro 2000 can also be outfitted with high gain antennas for increased range and resiliency. Bolt Pro 300 RX The new 300 model receiver offers a fan-less design that runs absolutely silent while remaining cooler than previous Bolt systems. The device has both an HDMI and 3G-SDI output, a LEMO power connector, and internal antennas. Bolt Pro 600 and 2000 RX The new receiver for the Bolt Pro 600 and 2000 models is half the size and weight of the previous long range receiver and offers both HDMI and 3G-SDI outputs and multiple RP-SMA antenna connections for increased range and resiliency. The device has also been updated with an LCD, allowing you to check the status of your wireless link and pair additional Bolt systems when you’re out in the field. Bolt Pro 600 & 2000 RX with Patent-Pending GRAB Video Engine The Bolt Pro 600 and 2000 support the optional patent-pending GRAB video engine, which turns the Bolt receiver into the world’s first wireless video capture card. With both 3G-SDI and USB 3.0 outputs, users can monitor and simultaneously ingest Bolt’s uncompressed 10bit RGB video feed directly into a DIT Cart, NLE computer or live production switcher with no added delay or further conversion required. Since the GRAB engine supports the ubiquitous USB 3.0 Video Class, your Bolt Pro receiver appears like a built-in video source to your software and will work in any Windows or Mac applications that support video.
  9. Hi all, I've got an upcoming job in a large university hospital. Has anyone heard of issues or restrictions with wireless transmitters for follow focus units (Redrock) or video feeds (Paralinx) in hospitals? TIA Kent Wiley
  10. Hi, Some of you may know me as a fellow steadicam operator. Since a few months i am colaborating with Rebotnix Technologies, a uprising german company for wireless video solutions. After a long time of development and testing we are happy to release the unique long range wireless video system RB-2. A goal was to unify as many features one might need working on broadcast and feature film sets in one single system. Just to name a few: - up to 900 meter range (with standard omni-directional antennas) in line of sight - over 1.5 km range using patch antennas (we did not test that distance to its limit yet. -we will update that information as soon as we found enough space to do that :) ) - 40ms delay (1 frame @25fps) - full duplex intercom audio connection - timecode transmission (coming soon) - 3G-SDI - FullHD (no downsampling or similar processings) - Multicast on as many Receivers as you need - Multicast on tablets (Android only, Ipad coming soon) or computers (WiFi enabled, PC/MacOS) in full 1080 included (no additional hardware needed) - V-Lock battery plates (AB Lock coming soon) For further details please check out the Rebotnix RB-2 product page. http://rebotnix.com/?page_id=2735 Here is a range test video we shot a few days ago: If you are interested in the RB-2 System or if you are missing some features don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to receive your feedback soon. Best regards from Germany, Karsten Jäger
  11. Teletest have recently launched the new HD Video Wireless Link, the TELESEND. Would a couple of UK members of the Steadicam Forum, who already own digital links eg IDX / Teradek etc, like to borrow a TELESEND kit for a few weeks and write a brief review, comparing the different systems? TRANSMITTER The HD-SDI transmitter fits onto your camera or Steadicam rig: Choices of HD transmitters with HDMI, HD-SDI and PAL/NTSC inputs HD-SDI loop through RECEIVER The HD receiver is built inside the LCD monitor, thus it can be used as a very portable wireless confidence monitor or as a stand alone receiver for a broadcast quality link: Choices of LCD receivers with HDMI, HD-SDI and PAL/NTSC outputs for feeding the media village / OB van etc Option of an LCD receiver with two receivers built in, so the director can switch between two cameras The link is broadcast quality and there are options with embedded audio HDMI, HD-SDI and PAL/NTSC inputs using the BNCs on the rear TECHNICAL OVERVIEW The TELESEND uses the Amimon chipset and so has a latency of <1ms: you can see two videos on our website showing that the delay is practically zero. The TX and RX are matched pairs that Dynamicaly Select the Frequency (DFS - ie auto-tune) so the TELESEND is simply turn on and forget. Ranges of 20m-40m without breaking up when moving around Ranges of up to 70m without breaking up when the TX and RX are fixed. Choices of battery plates on TX and LCD RX eg PAG, Anton Bauer, V-Lock 7.5V to 30V input range on TX and LCD RX Teletest designs and manufactures the TELESENDs in the UK, so we are always available for support & feedback FEEDBACK The feedback we have had so far from Hire Companies and Lighting Cameramen is that the TELESENDs perform better than the IDX WEVI and Camwaves and also perform better than the Teradek BOLT (see our website for the quotes). They tell us that their directors also like the lightweight, all-in-one LCD receiver. It would now be great to have feedback from Steadicam users on this forum. So if you are interested, please email me at nr@teletest.tv For more details and to download a TELESEND brochure, visit: www.teletest.tv Best regards Nick Rose MD Teletest Ltd
  12. As the title says I need to acquire two PRESTON Radio Microforce Modules for an upcoming project. Anyone out there with one or two in good condition considering selling please hit me up ASAP! Cheers! H
  13. Jesus Nieto

    There is plenty brands and kinds of Wireless Focus systems but to me they all pretty much do the same. Whether you can buy a BFD for about $2,000 USD or you a cmotion for €10,000 but ¿does it really make a difference? ¿is it worth your money? there's where the other question comes in... ¿what do you want in a WFF?
  14. I am currently searching for a complete Bartech kit to purchase, as well as a 5.6" TV Logic monitor. If anyone has leads on where I could find these items used, please let me know! Thanks in advance.
  15. I have for sale a used complete cmotion cvolution wireless lens control system. This kit works great and is ready to shoot. With this system you can wirelessly control focus, iris, and zoom in 2D or 3D and start/stop the camera. The cmotion cvolution hand unit is both left and right handed, has a large focus knob with adjustable tension, and feels very comfortable holding all day. It is solidly built, but not boxy or clunky. It runs off of canon type batteries and two batteries will last all day. The hand unit has a color LCD display with a simple “Alexa style” menu system. The display can show wireless distance measurements from a cinetape. The camin motor box (cmotion’s MDR box) is modular, and can be outfit with various expansion modules for different tasks. The base two motor radio module is very slim and lightweight, perfect for 2D focus/iris control. This kit also includes a four motor expansion module and an eight motor expansion module. This system operates on the “black” wireless system and has a substantial range. I have worked from a monitor several rooms away from the camera with no wireless issues. For most shots, the hand unit antenna is not needed, and I typically lower the wireless transmission to ½ power or less. The Heden digital motors are responsive and powerful, yet are slimmer than the Preston’s. With the left/right side interchangeable gears on the motors, the gears can be placed very close to each other for easy mounting on smaller compact lens. This kit has four motors, two larger high torque motors and two smaller “iris” motors. This is by far the best lens control for 3D on the market. The kit includes the eight motor expansion module for 3D work, and with the included four motors is ready for synchronized focus and zoom control. The 8M-TC camin module also enables metadata recording of all eight motors for visual effects heavy work. The kit includes: Transmitter & Receiver 1 - Camin 2M radio module - Wireless receiver on the camera side: for two motors – SR# 2108 1 - Camin 2M plate - Camin 2M cover plate 1 - Camin 4M module - Four motor expansion module – SR# 4257 1 - Camin 8M-TC module - Eight motor expansion module for 3D with metadata recording – SR# 4108 1 - Cvolution handheld transmitter unit with integrated display – SR# 174, 132 1 - Adv Knob - Advanced focus knob - attached to Cvolution hand unit 1 – Slider - Iris slider - attached to Cvolution hand unit 1 - Wooden Handle - Wooden handle for the Cvolution hand unit 1 - czoom module - Cvolution zoom module – SR# 143 Fasting-tools 1 - cfast-camin - Cmotion V-dock bracket for Camin 1 - cfast clamp - Cmotion cFastener universal clamp for 15-28mm Rods 1 - czoom bracket - Part of the czoom fastener set. Long bracket with rossettes 1 - czoom clamp - Part of the czoom fastener set. Clamp with rossette 2 - Motor offsets - Cmotion universal motor bracket for 19mm and 15mm rods 2 - Short 15mm rods - Short 15mm rod used with the motor offset bracket 2 - 15 to 19 bushings - 15mm to 19mm bushing used with the motor offset bracket 1 - Noga Arm - Medium size, 3/8-16 to 1/4-20 Noga Cine Arm 1 - V-dock - Element Technica v-dock bracket Accessories 5 – Batteries - Cmotion battery, 2400mAh, 7.2V, for all hand units 1 – charger - Canon battery charger for hand unit batteries 1 - charger cable - Power cable for battery charger (mini-IEC) 1 – cstrap - Neck strap with universal 1/4" retainer 14 - marker rings - marker rings for Cvolution adv knob 3 – antennas - Flexible swivel antenna, length 10cm, +1dBi 1 - Allen Key 4mm 1 – case - Cmotion custom foamed storm case with custom lid 4 - Tackle boxes - Clear plastic tackle boxes 1 - USB thumb drive Motors 2 - M26VE motors - Heden M26VE digital lens motor - SR# 52160, 52161 2 - M21VE motors - Heden M21VE digital lens motor – SR# 2746, 2707 4 - Motor mounts - Sliding motor mounting bracket with 19mm rod mount 4 - 15 to 19 bushings - 15mm to 19mm bushing for Heden lens motor 3 - 16 to 19 bushings - 16mm to 19mm bushing for Heden lens motor (Panavision) 2 - Heden gear 0.4 - M26VE Heden snap-on gear 0.4 pitch 2 - Heden gear 0.5 - M26VE Heden snap-on gear 0.5 pitch 2 - Heden gear 0.6 - M26VE Heden snap-on gear 0.6 pitch 3 - Heden gear 0.8 - M26VE Heden snap-on gear 0.8 pitch 1 - Wide gear 0.8 - M26VE Heden snap-on wide gear 0.8 pitch 2 - Heden gear 0.4 - M21VE Heden snap-on gear 0.4 pitch 2 - Heden gear 0.5 - M21VE Heden snap-on gear 0.5 pitch 2 - Heden gear 0.6 - M21VE Heden snap-on gear 0.6 pitch 2 - Heden gear 0.8 - M21VE Heden snap-on gear 0.8 pitch Cables 6 - CHM-2 cables - Heden motor cable (Le m7p, Le m7p) 0.8m, right-angle 1 - CCB-1 cable - CBUS cable (Le 8p, Le 8p) 1.2m Custom Length 1 - CCB-2 cable - CBUS cable (Le 8p, Le 8p) 6m 1 - CCB-8 cable - CBUS cable (Le 8p, Le 8p) Coiled 2 - RRS-1 cables - Power cable - Arri (Fi f3p, Fi m3p) 0.8m 2 - RRS-6 cable - Power cable - XLR (Fi f3p, XLR 4p) 0.8m 2 - RRS-7 cable - Power cable - AB (Fi f3p, Anton Bauer P-tap) 0.8m 3 - RRR-3-04 cables - Run/stop cable for Red (EXT to Le m4p) 1.2m 2 - RER-1 cable - Run/stop cable for Epic/scarlet (EXT to BNC) 1 - CCT-1 cable - CBUS cinetape cable (Le m8p, Le m6p) 0.8m 1 - CM-CPC-3 - CBUS to PC cable (Le8p, Fi 3p, Dsub 9p) 2m 1 - Serial to USB - Serial to USB adapter used for firmware updates Asking $31,000 or best offer. John Waterman AC, DIT, and 3D tech ICG600, Chicago (585) 797-7605 johnwaterman@mac.com
  16. For Sale: Bartech Focus and Iris Systems Hello Everyone, I’m selling my back up remote focus and iris system. I have an analogue BFD focus system with an M1 motor, and an analogue BFD iris system with an M1 motor. The system has been fantastic and ever reliable. Included with the system are the following cables: 3 x motor cables (1 cable is right angle) 2 x 2pin lemo power cables 2 x 2pin lemo to 3 pin MK-V power cables 1 x 2pin lemo to 4 pin Canon power cable 1 x 2pin lemo to 4 pin Hirose Ultra/Master power cable 1 x BFD to Arri remote roll cable 1 x BFD to RED One remote roll cable 1 x BFD to Sony remote roll cable Additional accessories include: Matte Box rod mounting bracket (for both single and double BFD receivers) Dogbones and original gears for the M-One’s 3 butterfly connectors (2 of these screw onto the handunits and join the transmitters together) heaps of spare screws for mounting BFD’s and for butterfly connectors I’m asking US$6,000 for a really reliable, pro, wireless focus and iris system. The system is located in Sydney, Australia. Buyer pays shipping costs. Feel free to PM me or shoot me an email at nicholasowens1974@gmail.com Cheers, Nic Owens
  17. Great condition Paralinx Arrow system for sale. (1) Transmitter (1) Receiver (1) PTAP TO USB Regulator Cable (1) Receiver POWER TO USB (3) USB to mini USB Power (1) PARALINX CROSSBOW (HDSDI PASS THROUGH) (2) 2.1MM to PTAP Power Cables for Crossbow (1) Mini USB to USB (1) Atomos HDMI to SDI convertor (1) Battery (1) Battery Charger (1) Power cable Full Package $1,200 Free shipping within USA Contact me at matt@nysteadi.com
  18. As a special thank you to all of the CW-5HD users throughout the years, IDX is pleased to announce a special rebate program to help you upgrade to the CW-7! No trade-in of your CW-5HD system is required! Please take a look at the attached file for more info!!
  19. Hi all, I'm selling my Transvideo Titan SD kit. Bulletproof. Still in great shape. The kit include: Titan Tx Titan Rx 2 x antennas 1 x extra long antenna 2 x Pro power cables 1 x power AL 1 x XLR to power cable Transvideo case Asking 400£, Shipping worldwide, Ship at buyer's cost
  20. Hi everyone! I'm searching for a wireless HD transmitter / receiver to transmit uncompressed HDTV and video data up to 1080p with a realtime transmission feature of <1ms latency and a robust signal transmission. Someone recommends the SRI WHDI Module No.1 from a german company, see link http://www.sri.de/en/products/industry-pcs/prod/whdi-modul-no-1/extb/Main/ Does anybody has experience with this module? I heard, that they provide samples to test. Has anybody used this possibility and can give feedback?
  21. Hi, I have an arri wireless system and I am trying to upgrade my 2-Axis 2012 WCU-3 remote to wcu-4. I am not currently seling anything else than the remote (WCU-3) since the rest of my system is compatible with the new remote, however I can sell the wcu-3 at a more affordable price which would still give you the advantages of the arri system: - lightweight quiet motors - lightweight receiver (UMC3-A) - never failed on me - integration with Alexa (motors plug in straight to Alexa Plus, M, Studio - camera info on screen) - smooth focus and iris knobs - very lightweight remote WCU-3 is 2 axis but can be upgraded to 3 axis with an extra zoom control. I know most people are more familiar and/or interested in Preston. The arri system is a very good alternative if you are looking to get good reliable system right now. All the AC's I have worked with have been very happy with it and at least equally comfortable with it as with Preston. Here is a picture and link for more info. http://www.arri.com/pro_camera_accessories_legacy/wireless_remote_system/wireless_compact_unit_wcu_3.html Price:negotiable Thank you very much for your interest Please contact me at c.ancelle@hotmail.fr
  22. For sale - wireless FI&Z Cmotion Cvolution - Excellent condition (seldom used) 1 - Camin 4M/L 1 - Cvolution slider (iris) 1 - Basic knob 1 - Cvolution zoom-unit 1 - Cvolution zoom handle 1 - Cdisplay II 2 - Heden M26VE motors (focus and zoom) 1 - Heden M21VE motor (iris) 4 - Motor cables 3 - Batteries and charger 1 - Case 1 - Cfastener 1 - Cfast vlock 1 - Cfast czoom 1 - Universal motor bracket extension 2 - Fischer power cables (Arri) 1 - Power tap cable 12 - Marker rings (focus) 5 - Iris Marker strips (iris) 1 - Cfast-cdisplay (flexible fastener for cdisplay II) 1 - Clamp III (connects cdisplay to hand unit) 3 - CBUS cables - long, short, helix 1 - Shoulder strap Will consider including one Arri CML-3 motor in place of one of the Heden M26VE motors. Will also consider selling Cdisplay and its accessories (Clamp III, Cfast-cdisplay) separately. Please email offers.
  23. We currently have a used cmotion FI+Z 3 Motor Kit available for sale PRICE COMPLETE $13,490* kit is fully refurbished and comes with (6) month manufacturer warranty including: - coperate handunit including zoom - cmotion camin (Motor Controller / Receiver, for up to 3 motors) - (3) Heden M26VE digital motors w/ all gears (0.4, 0.5, 0.6 and 0.8mm pitch) - motor cables & power cables - batteries & charger - fastening tools and zoom bracket and zoom handle - marker rings - case *) price in US Dollar, CA customers might have to add sales tax, EX Works, North Hollywood, CA, USA. Only one set available and sold on a first come first serve basis. 6 month warranty on used gear. All gear maintained by manufacturer specs. email me for further information SL@camadeus.com camadeus Film Technologies, Inc.
  24. Continuing our commitment to provide the highest level training, rigs and accessories, I am very pleased to announce our new strategic partnership between Teradak Wireless HD Video and The Stabilizer Workshops. Teradek designs and manufactures a complete range of traditional RF HD and WiFi HD transmitter solutions from portable sled mount devices to rack mount location and studio applications. The Stabilizer Workshops will initially feature the Teradek Bolt systems and eventually add their WiFi based CUBE as well. Specifications on the Bolt include: The only fully integrated and affordable zero latency wireless video transmission system 4:2:2 color sampling and support for all standard resolutions and frame rates up to 1080p60 Multicast capable up to 4 receivers simultaneously (Pro version only) Mix/match HDMI and 3G-SDI transmitters and receivers, even in multicast setups 6-28V Lemo power Up to 300ft line of sight transmission distance Built-in Li-Ion battery in the TX Timecode, metadata, and record flag pass-through coming soon to Bolt Pro SDI via free firmware upgrade Bolt Pro SDI starts at $2490, Bolt Pro HDMI starts at $1790 In my personal experience with the Bolt in very very complex and crowded RF environments such as NAB, the Bolt held and maintained a solid signal up to about 100 feet where our other HD transmitter system could not even get a signal lock. The small size of the transmitter and receiver make it a natural and affordable choice for Steadicam and handheld applications. Teradek also makes sled specific power cables or the flexible PTap to Lemo power cable. They also have active involvement and a presence here on the Steadicam Forum where they are directly available for questions, comments and suggestions. Teradek joins INOVATIV Carts, GPI-PRO Stabilizer Systems and Division Camera as key partners to help us provide you with a unique full featured workshop curriculum, small classes and personalized training using big rigs, real cameras and complete accessory packages for your workshop experience. For more information visit: http://www.teradek.com Or contact me via email, phone or PM. Robert http://stabilizerworkshops.com
  25. For sale: Full SD Wireless package -Canatrans NTSC transmitter CH. 20-50 1-watt (w/ Antenna, instruction manual) - Power/video cable for PRO Steadicam, (4 Pin limo). - Pelican 1060 - Sony Receiver (W/power cable) - Shark fin Antena (Ultra-ant, CH. 14-64) It has a small broken tip, it does not affect its operation, works great. -7inch Hand held Monitor, w/wall charger, remote control and car charger. Asking $1200 OBO Buyer pays for shipping. Contact Wael Shukha 323 395 9020 Shukhawael@gmail.com
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