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Fabian Roesler

Emergency Cable

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Hello everybody,

first i want to introduce myself. My name is Fabian, i did a workshop in LA last year, bought a rig, practised and start do establish myself as a munich based operator. I want to thank you guys for all the valuable infos you share in the forum. It´s been a great help so far and i really appreciate your efford. I have a short question about my rig. Do you guys carry around some kind of emergency cable? I mean something that would connect your batteries directly with the monitor and the camera, not using the posts electronics and internal cabling. I´ve seen something like this on a pro2 and i wonder if it´s a good thing to have. I am not much of an electrician and my skills in fixing filigran-(is there a word like this in english?) electric stuff is very limited. My rig is a ultra2 and i mostly work with arri Cameras. So i think i´d need a 24V supply. I know that the power Tap connector on th ebase only provides 12V.

I am scared to be in the middle of nowhere, having problems with amplifiers, DC changers, water entering my electric box or whatever. I learned that the electric boards in the U2 are supposed to be changed easily. But does that mean i have to carry around spare boards? Do you guys have that kind of back up with you all the time? Is it paranoia or does it makes sense in your opinion?

Sorry if there is already a topic like this, but i didn´t find anything going in that direction. In that case maybe you could post the link. Thanks

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If it worries you now, then you should do it else you'll be sorry the day you need it! We all have little items of insurance in our kits and its a small price to pay to be the hero and save the day or be the loser and have failed.



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