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Thorsten Lüer


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New years special Custom Steadicam Offer Special custom HD steadicam sled from german operator:


- CFK Custom 2” Post bought at October 2009

- Camtec High Precision 2” Gimbal bought at October 2009

- modified chrosziel stage old model with extra rod mount

- custom j-box w/ tally control unit bought at february 2007

- Camtec lower modul w/ 3 battery v mounts 12V, 24V update possible, bought at june 2006

- Custom Monitor Dual Mount w/ CFK Rods bought at october 2009

- Hummingbird sunlight readable LCD Monitor bought at june 2006

- Camtec 2“ docking bracket w/ manfrotto stand bought at october2009

- system cables

- Steadicam CP Master Springarm S/N 476, year of construction around 2000


special offer Sled & Arm 15.000 € or 19.890 US$ o.b.o.


Extra equipment:

-CP steadicam III A Vest in excellant condition US Import S/N 363 1.300 € o.b.o.


-BFD Focus Unit w/ cables and focus ring upgrade 1.300 € or 1723,80 US$ o.bo.


-2 Hedén servomotors M26P w/ film, canon, fujinon gear and mounting brackets each 800 € or 1.060,80 US$ o.b.o



Equipment is located in Essen germany near cologne. US$ Price fluctuations possible. Please watch

the actual exhange rate. All prices + tax (germany/VAT EU) + shipment! Many pictures from all equipment

parts are available. Please sent your mail address.




Thorsten Lüer


call +49.(0)171.5049867

mail: mibfilm@web.de

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