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LINK and GIGAWAVE Wireless RF from VISLINK International

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Hello everyone,


New member to the forum! Looking to understand more about end user experience of steadicams and wireless transmission systems, especially L1500's, D-Cams etc.


I am the European RSM for VISLINK International and can offer technical and commercial information on all of the VISLINK brands - LINK, GIGAWAVE etc.


Recently Gigawave have launched our new Integrated Wireless Camera System, which fits within the side panel of a Sony HDC2500, and can be configured via the camera's viewfinder menus. Designed in co-operation with Sony.


Contact me via the forum or @ robert.king@vislink.com


Thank you.


Kind Regards,



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As an owner of the L1500 system from Vislink, i highly recommend this system.

I used it on multi camera tv shows, as well as high end cinema and tv productions.

I used it on the set of the 2nd season of Homeland, to give the DP and director the freedom to have the video village hundreds of meters away from

the set.Priceless...

cheers, Daniel Hanit,


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I always request an L1500 on live TV if the production will let me go wireless.


It simply is the right tool for the job; it's steadicam friendly, lightweight, robust.


Very excited about the new integrated thing. I saw something about it on the Sony website, and it looks very promising. I like that it keeps the lens-to-battery length short.

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