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Archer for sale, full steadicam rig.

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Hi all I'm selling this for a friend, he is always filming in the jungle or up a mountain at the mo so never about.


I have the kit so can answer most questions.


Here is what it consists of....


'Looking to sell my Steadicam Archer. This is a versatile rig that offers a big step up from the Flyer and Zephyr. It will handle Epic, Scarlet, (reasonable) RED and Alexa builds, and you're getting a G-50 arm which is an utter joy to operate.


Bought the rig about is four years ago and as a mainly film wildlife doesn't get enough use by me. It is in very condition and ready to be put to work. The rig was last serviced by optical support in London in 2012 and hasn't been used since.


Tiffen Steadicam Archer sled in original hard flightcase with the Hofmann AT-AT base modification which makes the Archer a joy to dynamic balance and operate. With v lock battery plates. It is 12 volt.

Link to the hofman AT-AT mod page : http://www.hofmann.se/produkter/steadicam/upgrade/archer/index.htm


G-50 arm in soft case


LX vest in soft case in original hard flightcase


Docking bracket


1 Plate for mounting cameras plates to Steadicam.


Gimbal J handle and camera handle grip for low-mode


2 Allen Drivers wrenches



XLR4 to 2 pin dc adapter


XLR4 it 3 pin lemo


Lemo 7 pin to component cable for monitor


Monitor is Composite.


Caveats: Broken latch on the archer case.


red one cable and red epic cable


Looking for GB £10000


This would be a great alternative to a new Flyer or Zephyr for someone new to Steadicam - skip the smaller rigs and get straight to work with something that can take a MUCH wider range of cameras'


Here is a link to my Dropbox acc. for Pics.





Regards Rob


+44 7974 353 727 (UK)

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There seems to be some discusion about the length of the rig with the Hofmann base conversion.


This rig is essentially the same length as an original Archer rig. I am 5'8" and have no trouble with it. It can be extended to the standard full length for an Archer.


However what the Hofmann rig allows is extremely fast dynamic balancing and adaptability for various size/weight cameras by a simple and fast weight add/remove system. plus space for any necessary add ons(wireless etc).

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