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Scott Hammar

Nv8r pix240 and small monitor carbon fiber handheld crash cage

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Greetings Steadicam brothers,


I am a video assist operator and manufacture carbon fiber handheld brackets for small production recorders and small monitors. The bracket are made from a lightweight, strong, carbon fiber reinforced composite. They are sourced and manufactured in the US. The unit literally bounces and dissipates shock when dropped. Please see the short youtube video below.



Standard colors are grey, black and clear. Clear looks like the typical carbon fiber we are all familiar with that is used for auto body parts etc.


custom colors or colors from the fiberlay chart below are also available. A custom color fee may apply.




The units accomodate virtually any small monitor (up to 7" diag), power system, and transmitter.


Custom logo casting into the gel coat available for no charge for orders placed before August 31. Up to a $100 savings.


Units retail for $475 ----distribution opportunities available--- please inquire


Please email or call with any questions.


Scott Hammar


Nv8r INC


310 770 0377

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