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Hello everyone,


I have an Flyer LE which is the 12/24 model with a 19lbs weight range. That I have been using for a year and half now. It's has been great and more recently since I have found some steady work to use it with it. The thing I wanted to ask was about rewiring the sled to HD. I have the original monitor that came with the flyer and I've wanted to swap it out for a newer monitor maybe one I can add a yolk to it. Though I know that steadicam has a proitiary 9-pin connector which doesn't allow me to use anything esle.. A few things I'm unsure of is if I rewire the sled would I loss value in the rig or gain it? Also is there way to rewire it so that I can use original flyer monitor incase of a backup? I know many monitors have either a 4 pin xlr like the marshalls and I know the small HD's have a different plug in which to power them. So I figure I could get a cable to power either of them through a p-tap connector. Please correct me if I am wrong. I've been operating for a year and half now and I'm still learning. I was curious if there are anyone else that does rewiring I'm located in NY. I have contact some people though are busy at the moment though it would be great if anyone knew anyone else. Thank you all! Hope everyone has a great 4th of July.

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Have a read of the above thread as it outlines pretty much how you can upgrade the sled.


I like to think I gained value in upgrading the sled to HD as its a massive improvement! Especially in the value of the monitor thats on board. I know its worth more then a rig that hasn't been upgraded, as its a whole lot more useable now! The monitor on my Flyer LE alone ranges in price between $1100 and $1700 so adding that to the rig defs isn't going to take value away!


To keep use of the existing monitor all you'd need to do is get who ever wires your sled to make you an adapter Y cable to go from say

the new 4pin xlr and bnc into that crazy 9 pin connector. Mine old monitor died, so didn't replace it!



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Thank you very much James, Those links are very informative. I was curious if you know someone that could help me do it? Since I don't want to mess it up too terribly and render it useless. I don't know much about soldering. I like what everything in the threads has to share.

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in LA I'd say Terry West.

In NY I'd say ask Alec Jarnigan as he knows everyone over there. Or try Chris @ EastCoastCables.com

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