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Andre Trudel

Is the Pro sled SDI?

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Hey guys.


So today was the first day I was able to use the pro green screen with an AJA HD10MD3. I came out of the camera and into the HDSDI input on the aja the tried coming out of the SD SDI output into the sleds input and nothing. No picture. When I come out of any of the composite outputs on the aja, then it works. I always thought the pro 2 and gen 2 monitor were SD SDI (I know it's not HD). Am I wrong or am I looking over a basic setting? Maybe a dip switch on the aja? I don’t have the manual to the Pro 2 sled or gen 2 monitor.


Thanks for your help.

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No, if it is a standard definition PRO sled (as in it does not have a second BNC connector labeled for HDSDI), then it is composite only. The PRO 2 monitor (as well as all other green screen monitors) are also composite only.

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