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Bolt Pro 600

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Anyone using it? How does it go? Is it worth getting the 600 or would you go straight for the 2000?


It's about $5K cheaper - If it works, Production only care about the rate


and less RF pumping out -Which starts to become a consideration if you're standing next to it every day.


600 feet/200m seems like a pretty useable range for steadi unless you're doing vehicle shots. Obviously the 2000 will punch through walls better.


Anyone tried it with the Rock Steadi high gain antenna?


Thanks. Brad.



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I have used it for a season on White Collar. Although there was no steadicam, at times we had the DIT tent setup a pretty long way away (600+-). The DIT on the job loved the unit,and I love that I can place it anywhere on the camera, as far away as balanceable.

For me, the price (son in college and daughter not far off) was a considerable factor, and the performance relative to the 300 was dramatic and wholly positive. When you make a purchase, all issues come into play. Return on investment, performance, type of work, amount of work. So given my situation it was the right purchase.

I can only speak about the 600, but as far as transmitter/receiver units are concerned, I am extremely happy.

Hope this helps.


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