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IDX batteries and charger - 2200

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hey yall

i have a handful of IDX batteries here, plus the charger. On the few occasions that I have used these batteries, they have preformed very well. I cant tell you how long they last, but all of them will take a full charge and preform as i would expect. The charger works very well and the case seems indestructible.


4x endura 10s

1x endura 10

1 x endura 7 (the 10 and 7 can piggy back)

1x RED brick

1x IDX VL-4S

1x A&S case


Everything is in very good condition. Used, but sparingly, as I usually am on Anton Bauers.


Id like to sell the whole thing for 2200 (usd) or a reasonable offer and can ship or deal locally.

I am going on a road trip over Christmas, so locally would be Los Angeles, Vegas, Zion, Santa Fe, Austin, New Orleans, or Atlanta.


Let me know if you are interested!

feel free to email (which is best)







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