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Charles Papert

Garrett's cameos on Rocky - video clip

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Came across an HD presentation of "Rocky" on the pay channels the other day, was marveling at how much detail you could see of Garrett as he worked his way around the ring. I made a little zoomed-in clip reel of Garrett's appearances, below.


The rig was the Steadicam 35, the first production model out of the CP factory, most notable for the camera-mounted monitor, with a modified Arri 2C on top.


Watch closely what happens at :26 (it repeats in slow motion at :32), when Garrett's assistant unknowingly whacks an extra with the bulky 1/4" playback recorder. In the lovely moment that follows, you can see Garrett giving her a couple of apologetic pats on the back, never breaking his attention from the shot! Always a class act.


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I think Terry West still has one of those sleds in his garage? Motor in the bottom, driveshaft runs through post to camera. Good times!


Nice Charles!

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