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Teradek Bolt Sidekick - Lightweight Companion Receiver


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To all,


I’m pleased to inform you that Teradek will release a lightweight companion receiver for Bolt that we’ve developed based on much of your feedback in this forum and with those who have reached out to me directly. You can find the original thread here http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=21932.

We will be announcing this at the IBC tradeshow in the upcoming days.

I want to make sure Steadicam Forum has the first glimpse and detail of what we are calling the Bolt Sidekick. The Bolt Sidekick will be compatible with all 2nd gen transmitters Bolt Pro 300/600/2000 and will have the requested 300ft. line of sight transmission range ideal for director's monitors. More specs below.


As a thank you to the forum, I will be organizing an exclusive pre-order window for Steadicam Forum members in the upcoming weeks. You will have access before the general public. And yes, I am absolutely trying to work in a sweet SmallHD bundle for you!

Please feel free to post/send me any preliminary questions either in this thread or to me directly. I am currently in Amsterdam preparing for the trade-show but I will be checking back regularly as much as I can to answer any questions.

To me, this product means a lot - still after 3+ years at Teradek, I’m proud to know I am working for a company that will listen to its customers, value feedback (including mine) and industry standards.

Additional photos here: https://www.dropbox....DSO63s1tja?dl=0


Andrew Ng


Bolt Sidekick

SDI - $1990, HDMI - $1790

  • Available in SDI or HDMI

  • 300 ft. Range Line of Sight

  • Pairs with 2nd Gen. Bolt Pro 300/600/2000 Transmitters

  • Fanless design

  • 7-17V Range

  • 2-Pin Lemo Power

  • ¼ 20” Female Mounting

  • 9 oz

  • Pairable in-field

AB/V Plates Available

Price - TBD

Since this receiver was designed with intentions of a director's monitor solution, we understand the need for a streamline mounting/power system. Similar to our current Rx battery plates, we will have plates available which mount the Sidekick, but also allow for AB/V passthrough to power your monitor. The receiver itself is smaller than an AB/V plate, so we figured keep it as small as possible for all situations and if need be have this solution as an option.

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Thanks again Andrew!!! It is nice (and rare) when a company goes out of its way to listen to their customers, and the turnaround time from Alec suggesting it to it being a tangible product has been incredible. Thanks for championing our cause with this and I look forward to picking up two of them when they become available.


Brooks Robinson

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How is this being powered off that monitor?


In this photo, we used one of our Sony L series Swit batteries that we sell. It has a barrel output so we can tap off and get to 2-pin lemo.

While it may not be the most efficient battery, it sure felt nice a lightweight.


I've spoken with SmallHD to confirm there will be an AB plate adapter for there 702. So that will be coming down the pipeline shortly.

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