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New Artemis MINI

Nelson Villamil

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Hey there,


It was a concept we thought out while playing around with some stuff at IBC, Curt Schaller is an amazing guy and he's always up for new and crazy ideas.


While trying out the Trinity rig

Curt Pointed out that if we wanted some extra range on top of the gimbal, we could always add a centerpost extension in between the trinity and the rig.


It took Michael Muehlemann, Ruben Sluijter and myself only 2 seconds to realize that only using this short post to build an entire rig would be an awesome idea, so on the last day we threw together these components as a proof of concept.


In my mind, having a very short centerpost could come in handy in a bunch of situations and because of the advent of increasingly lighter (proper) cameras such as the Alexa mini, it's finally possible.




Nils "Running Rigs Rule" Valkenborgh

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The Trinity is planned to go on any rig with a removable topstage (so no tiffen rig apart from the M1), with a lot of customizable options concerning wiring, if anyone's interested, you can send Curt an email, he'll give you all of the desired information.


It's truly a joy to operate, just a small learning curve having the monitor on the gimbal, but after 5 minutes it makes complete sense. Compared to an AR/Alien/Lynn axis/... You have a much smaller horizontal footprint, it needs to be seen to be believed, lots of fun!

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