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What vest is this?

Leopold Ernst

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Hi guys,


recently purchased a stabilizing system (my first one, so I'm pretty excited) that included this vest. I got the Glidecam Gold sled and arm, but this is not the Glidecam Gold vest...some parts like the little knobs look like Steadicam Tiffen, but I'm not sure. Anyone seen this model before? Would be helpful to know, in case I need some replacement parts in the futurearrow-10x10.png.







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Hi Leopold,


Welcome to the forum, it seems to be a modded Progear vest (copy of the old 3a vest,... Sort of) Since that company went belly up, you can't buy replacement (the same) replacement pieces anymore. However, the same guy started a new company called "steadicam proline" and they make pretty much the same vest. There is a cheaper alternative, one of the many asian knock-off brands makes a copy of this vest woth worse materials so I definitely would not recommend going that route, but if you're strapped for cash and need something, I think it's called cinecity or filmcity. (Again, don't do it)


Be careful with the bridge that attaches the socketock to the vest, it tends to bend under heavy loads. It helps if you can keep that portion at the height of the hippads and plate without impeding you're operating. Most importantly, make your self comfortable and enjoy operating!





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