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PRO Sled System

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Selling my sled system. Great unit complete and ready to work.

Complete System Purchase - $13,500.00 U.S.


1. 1X PRO camera stabilizer (s/n 22.) Upgraded interchangeable center post. Comes with original custom Calzone case.


2. 1X Pro D-Box (s/n 149)


3. 1X XCS Ergo gimbal.


4. 10X original PRO batteries with 4 PAG Micrometer chargers and original custom Calzone Case.


5. 1 XCS TB-6 high intensity daylight viewable monitor, with PRO bracket.


6. 1X PRO Superpose with IIIA gimbal and original Pro donkey Box. Comes with custom Clydesdale case.


7. 1X Jerry Hill Gorelock docking bracket.


8. 1X PRO monitor bracket.


9. 2X Preston brackets for attaching MDR to sled.


10. 1X Recordermount for sled.


11. 2X 7" Camera plates with 2 6" rods.


12. 1X 9" Camera plate.


13. 14 Cables: 2X Pro power to Preston MDR. 1X PRO power to BOXX HD transmitter, 2X PRO power to straight Arri 535/435/Allexa, 1X PRO power to right angle Arri 535/435/Allexa, 2X lightweight BNC, 2X PRO power to Panaflex, 3X straight XLR to PRO power, 4X right angle XLR to Pro power, 1X PRO power to Panavision ALT, 2X PRO monitor cables 44" for super post and 31" for regular use.


14. 1X Decimator Box for HD to SD conversion.


15. 1X Marshall Monitor (back up unit to XCS monitor with exposure tools).







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Update: I am no longer selling the sled. I decided to have it upgraded with new HD wiring and battery rack. I'm much happier as I really liked this rig....


Since this is the case, I will now be selling the following items:


1X - XCS TB-6 green screen monitor and cable (does not include mount) - $1000.00

1X - PRO 1 battery rack, 10 batteries, and two chargers - $800.00

1X - Decimator - $200.00

Open to offers and I am in need of an 8" yoke monitor mount and Anton Bauer batteries if anyone would like to make a trade.

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