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Sanjay Sami

Boland BVB07

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Hi everyone.

Thought I'd write a note on my experience with this monitor since no that much info is available out there.

I was looking for a new monitor for my sled and was interested in this model, but I had some hesitation because of the lack of information from users out there, so I hope this helps.


First off - It is without a doubt the brightest monitor I have ever seen. I had posted a picture on Facebook of the monitor on set with me while filming the movie "Heartbeats" and it was so easily visible while being blasted by the sun here in Bombay (pretty bright)

What I didn't realise was that I was nowhere near close to getting the monitor up to its full performance.

I spoke to Gary Litwin at Boland and he asked me to try out the Max Bright function - It is incredible.

I will take some photos and post them here later.


The second point is the off axis view ability. You can see a perfect image pretty much from any angle (unless you are behind the monitor)

It is extremely relaxing to not have to crane your neck at all to see the image.


It has a digital level which I dont use - after many attempts over the years I am still stuck with a spirit level. Cant seem to get out of that habit so how good the level is will have to be judged by someone else.



No image flip - not a biggie for me because I turn the camera upside down and the monitor as well so it is a non issue . May come up at some time, but I plan to buy Matthias Bibers mount anyway, so I will be covered.


I am not a fan of the Yoke and don't use it. I have used spacers and mount the monitor with the stock Ultra2 yoke.


Btw- the customer service and response time from Boland ( and Gary in particular) is spectacular, even when you are exactly halfway across the world.

On par with Chapman/ Leonard - which to me is the Gold standard in customer support.


Highly recommended !

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Sanjay....just wanted to say thank you for the shout out. Really appreciate it!!


Also...a kind reminder that if anyone wants to see the BVB07, it will definitely be at NAB (booth SL4905), or just give me a shout and I will set up an eval for you. And...if you need a pass for NAB...I can help with that too :)




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type in ....DayBrite in the search function


and there is tons of info on it.

When I tried one for a week on a show, It did not have the 8 pin Lemo on it, nor the digital level, I'll check those out in the future. Great monitor. Only reason I did not buy one immediately is that I already have a main and back up monitor, but it is in my future....



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Just wanted to add some thoughts to this thread.


I was looking to upgrade my monitor - and without doubt there are a variety to consider. Going down the Boland path has been brilliant.


The monitor has been sensational - and combined with the cam-jam bracket - has been a great addition to my rig.


I'm on a narrative gig at the moment that is reasonably steadicam heavy - and I've not had any issue with view ability of the monitor; high/low mode, outside bright sun (the max brightness function is terrific)


Combined with that, the service from Gary Litwin and his team was exceptional. Australia still tends to be a long way away at times and he has been superb in assisting me with my purchase. Probably something a number of other businesses could learn from!.


Thanks Gary, thanks Boland.

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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to let you know that if you have not had a chance to check out the BVB07 DayBrite, I will have one in Hollywood at SMPTE next week, and then again at NAB New York on November 9 & 10.


Many thanks....and looking forward to meeting some of you!

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Hi all,


Some of you have reached out to me about the possibility of a volume discount / group purchase for the BVB07. I checked with my production folks, and am told that if we could get a group purchase of 75 units, I could offer a really large discount ($475 off).


If anyone is interested, please let me know. These units would need to be ordered in November, and would ship early January.


Many thanks!

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