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Come try, test, and network with other ACs, DPs and Camera Operators. Learn about the Chrosziel MagNum and new lightweight digital lens motor.

Highlights include
- Comfortable, intuitive designed in cooperation with Camera Assistants
- Reliable safe Dual-band transmission with built-in spectrum analyzer 430MHz (5 Channels) or 2.4 GHz (11 Channels)
- Lightweight, easy to mount receiver
- Direct control of servo lenses (Cabrio and ENG lenses)

- New Digital Motor - Extremely lightweight designed for Gimbals, Drones, Steadicam and today's smaller cameras. System is compatible with other motor brands

- Solid Rental Payback - Good investment

More information: http://www.chrosziel.de/magnum/?lang=en

Timm Stemann - Product Specialist Lens Control, Chrosziel Germany

Radiant Images
2702 Media Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90065

Friday April 15
10:00 AM


For more info about the event, please visit --> https://www.facebook.com/events/1689301404657348/

See you there!

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Someone please post regarding the motors and your thoughts, Great price for a Digital motor, Only question is , will it be strong enough to rotate not so new lenses, Looks great in the pictures.

Are there custom lengths available for the cable? and is the pins on the cable the same to work on Preston systems?



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Hi Ozzie,


the CDM-100 will probably pull 95% percent of the lenses on the market including not so new lenses. On stiff going lenses, the motor speed will be the first one to reduce a little but it will rotate the lens.


There are currently no custom lengths on the cable, but we can think about it. What length are you looking for? Right now it is about 2 feet.


The pins on the CDM-100 are the same like the Preston or Chrosziel MagNum / Aladin MKII, it is a Lemo 1B connector. If you want to use the motor on the Freefly Wedge, you want the CDM-100S which is exactly the same motor but with a Lemo 0B connector.


Abel Cine New York tested the CDM-100 together with a customer on the Preston MDR3 with Firmware ver 21.88 and confirmed compatibility.


We can test the motor today with various applications as well at the Open House.


But I am sure the community can let you know more about the motor too.




Chrosziel - Product Specialist Lens Control Systems

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