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Fernando Henrique de Sousa

Help identifying legacy arm

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I was offered a rig by a friend (buying new is still out of my league) because the production company he works for does not use this anymore, it sells for around $1180 full with vest, this arm, sled, battery, monitor and docking stand.

They asked me to come by tomorrow and test it. It appears to be a discontinued model. Does anyone know which one and has any specs on it?

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It's not an actual "Steadicam" arm.

It looks to possibly be home made or some obscure ebay unit.

Don't be fooled by the sticker that someone has put on it.

I can't imagine you will find out much information.

Best save up a bit more and put it into something that will retain some value and be tried and tested.

I'd stay well clear.

Good luck.


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