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Join the game with Chrosziel!

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I'm confused,

1. Is this your real name or the company you work for? This forum is a Real Name only. Please check with an admin to change your name.

2. You are advertising a brand without being a supporting member. Click Upgrade in the top menu to do so.

3. There are no links or descriptions, only the same picture, twice. What's going on? Did I win? I want free money, I like money.

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Hi Victor and Jens,


Rebecca has been working for Chrosziel in the Online Support. Her last name is not Chrosziel but we wanted to openly communicate that Rebecca represents Chrosziel.


Regarding the advertisement, this is a EM tipping game open for everybody to win vouchers up to 300 EUR. Within everybody taking part of the game, we will draw 50 EUR vouchers too. The registration for the game can be found at http://www.chrosziel.de/em2016-kicktipp/?lang=en and is of course for free.


To note as well, Chrosziel is a supporter of the Steadicamforum by banner advertising here. If we need to change something, please let us know offlist via email to timm.stemann@chrosziel.de and we will of course respect this. We thought it would be great for the members of this forum to know where to win vouchers for gear.


To make it obvious for everybody, I am Timm Stemann and work for Chrosziel as Product Specialist Lens Control. I am here to help everybody with questions about Chrosziel gear.


All the best,



Timm Stemann

Product Specialist Lens Control - Chrosziel

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