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Be Very Careful of Scams

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Buy & Sell in the SteadicamForum.com Marketplace at your Own Risk. 

If you receive an email that looks like it's from SteadicamForum.com, make sure the web links in the email are exactly SteadicamForum.com, not something similar. Scammers can make a web site that looks just like SteadicamForum.com but is a fake. If you log in to their fake forum, they'll have your real forum login and can hack your account here on the real forum.

If you are tricked into clicking the link the scammer will steal your forum login, change your forum password and email address, and impersonate you in the forum. They will use your account to send out fake login emails to other forum members and try to hack their accounts too.

If you are considering buying from a forum member, please please please do some research and make sure they are who they say they are before you send anyone funds, even if they are a long-time forum member. A long time member's account may have been compromised by an impostor.

Any legitimate seller or buyer will be happy to provide you with real information. Scammers typically just try to make the sale quickly without answering any complicated questions. Don't rush it.

Call the person on the phone and talk in detail about the item and transaction details. Make sure they know what they're talking about.

If they're the seller, have them immediately text you photos of the item that you can tell are current. Ask them to pose in the picture.

Use a payment method that includes fraud protection. Don't use PayPal's "Gift" option which does not offer any protection.

Do not use a bank transfer to send money. Bank transfers are not reversible and do not offer buyer protection.

Change your forum password. Use the forum's Two Factor Authentication feature. This protects your account from being compromised.

Be safe.

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Good post!

I would like to add (More fro sellers): Double check your PayPal account when you receive money!!! There is a lot of fraud with wrong messages about money sent to you. They make it look like they sent you money which is unlocked after you'll sent them the tracking number of the parcel. This kind of transactions is only to get access to your PayPal account. Normally by checking your Paypal account before answering them makes it clear they didn't send anything. 

Hope you understood, my english is not the best.

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