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HD-SDI Upgrade - PRO I


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Hello Everyone!

For those of you with an SD Pro I sled, an HD-SDI Upgrade is now affordable and a real option. We
have spent a considerable amount of time researching, developing and refining the installation of a
very high quality upgrade, with materials and components sourced from only reputable companies
from around the world. We have also negotiated with FedEx, a special rate so that we can move a
specific item anywhere around the world.

Upgrade Includes
On the front of the upper-junction box, the LEMO socket marked VID/PWR will be removed and
replaced with an HD-SDI BNC socket, which has been gold-plated for corrosion resistance by a
German manufacturer. The original BNC to the right will remain.

Center post/LEMO plug
The surgery performed is not a bypass, but a transplant.
Due to the nature of the upgrade, the Rig's Loom/Wiring Harness will be removed and replaced with
a coiled, purpose-made cable assembly.
The LEMO plug at the bottom of the coiled cable will have a new LEMO with HD-SDI insert installed.
The Bayonet connection between the centre post and the lower junction box will stay the same.

Lower Junction Box
At the top of the lower junction box, the original LEMO plug socket parts will be replaced with new
purpose-made components with HD-SDI.

On the front of the lower junction box another gold-plated HD-SDI BNC socket will be fitted to the right
of the Monitor LEMO socket, along with the installation of the new internal cabling.
The original BNC in the rear of the lower junction box remains. Both the original upper-and-lower junction
box BNC sockets can then be used for a standard definition video signal or tally light.

We have consulted a number of operators who have worked with us on this project, and have had HD-SDI
upgrades installed into their rigs several years ago that have performed flawlessly, and with their feedback
we have now settled on this configuration.

If you want more specific information regarding things like shipping, turnabout time, pricing etc. please contact us.

Contact - admin@steadyrig.com


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