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Anton/Bauer LP4 BStock chargers

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Hi Everyone,


Every Olympics, Anton/Bauer rents a bunch of equipment out to NBC and other broadcasters. The equipment should be back soon, and we have a bunch of it to sell off. Please email Eric Johnston at eric.Johnston@Vitecgroup.com if you would like to purchase any of it.


Here is what we have available:


LP4 Gold Mount Charger $899.00 (List $1199.00)

Digital G90 battery $224.00 (List $299.00)

Digital G150 battery $397.00 (List $530.00)

LP2 Gold Mount Charger $644.00 (List $859.00)

LP4 VMount Charger $899.00 (List $1199.00)

Digital V190 battery $487.00 (List $650.00)

ASTRA Gold Mount $101.00 (List $155.00)


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to myself or Eric Johnston.


Thank you.

Paul D

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Hi Paul..

A question that others may have..

The LP4 CHarger has a small antenna. I would guess this is enabled to be able to see diagnostics, etc.. on a mobile device?

Is there an Android App that can be downloaded to use with this set up?

I've seen these chargers a lot but no one has had a way to see the info on a mobile device.


Also... Which 4 position charger is faster the TM4 or the LP4?



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Hi Ozzie,


Sorry for the late response. I have been on the road a lot lately. BTW, I'll be in Miami the first week of December, so maybe we can have lunch or something..


The antennae on the rear of the LP4 is for when we have a WiFi enabled Battery Management System available. At the moment, its still in development.


The TM4 charger is slightly faster than the LP4 charger. The TM4 will charge each battery (ie. HC's) is around 2hr 45min, and all 4 batteries in that same time. The LP4 will have the first battery charged in 2hr 45min, the second one in around 3hr 15min, the third one around 3hr 45min and the last one within 4 hours. So, a total of 4hrs for all 4 batteries.


The LP4 is slightly smaller and around 4lbs lighter than the TM4.




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