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Ultra I Waist Plastic

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Hey guys,


My Ultra I vest is starting to crack in the plastic at the waist. I've searched through Tiffen's site, but can't seem to find a replacement piece. Anybody know where I can find that or if I'm just being dumb and not seeing it on the site?


Thanks in advance for any help,





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Hi Shane


Give Joe Wilbur a call at Burbank, I stand to be corrected but I think the part number is 252-7808. If you decide to fit it yourself you will need to change the fittings from the old one onto the new.



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What about my Zephyr vest? It actually cracked clean fractured while I was on set 2 weeks ago. I used a LOT of black gaff to hold it together for rest of shoot but I don't feel it's safe.

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