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Digital level that mixes in w/HD cable?

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I'm currently running an HD cable directly from camera to my monitor. Anyone know if there's a digital level out there that will take the HD signal from a standard BNC, mix in the level info, and spit it out the other end also BNC to run directly into the monitor? Would obviously have to be independently powered as opposed to other levels that take multipins containing power and video.



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Will Arnot is right... in my new opinion. But i do not own one either...


Just tonight i re-read this information. Sure i was flabbergasted when the price for the XCS HD PDL was first announced, but looking over some historic price information I have a new opinion...

the last time i checked the price for the analog XCS PDL [which clearly set the standard for a digital level] was $2,875 in the year 2014.

That XCS HD PDL version is two times that cost!



The original XCS PDL cost $2800 in the year 2005 so I think the reality is the price of the original PDL never was inflated over the years so we all had sticker shock when we needed one to do HD...


I just re-read the cut sheet on the high end "Plus" version of the XCS PDL. I never realized this, but I think it is actually a down converter and a cross converter in addition to being "just" a digital level...

or am a missing something?


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