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Gaffer's tape -- brand comments?

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Back when I was young, and dinosaurs ruled the Earth, God looked down and saw that all was good . . .except there was a need for TAPE.


And not just ANY tape, it was needful that this tape have specific properties, because it was to be used for special ordinances to be performed by His anointed servants, those who OBEYED when He said "Let there be light!"


And thus was created Gaffer's Tape, and it was Permacel, and it was Good.


However, apostasy grew, and Permacel gave way to Shurexpensivetape, while many of the faithless arose, some crying "Lo (price), here!" and others "Lo (residue), there!" and promising the most cost effective form of Gaffer's Tape.


Now, confusion reigns in the land, and this poor pilgrim traveling without scrip or purse -- or, not MUCH scrip or purse -- has a need for such a tape, but can't buy samples of every brand on the market.


Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about the various brands out there?

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