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Michael Suchar

Franken-Rig for Sale

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Custom Franken Rig for Sale Great opportunity for student or Indi Film Makers on a budget
Rig was used lightly for few years for Law Enforcement, Aero Space Videos, Concerts, Church Events.

Looking for $1500.00 OBO
I have been working on this rig for a while and it has served me well. It's built with many
Steadicam and PRO parts from Mr. Charles Papert as well as some custom pieces I made and a variety of other
manufactured parts. It started life as a FlyCam 6000 and now the only thing left from the original
FlyCAm is part of the top stage and the Arm.
Reason for sale: My back and knees are starting to fail.

Included Items:
• Steadicam (Cinema Products) Vest (The vest will come with the modified socket block
installed for use with the ProAim 6000 Indicator Arm and the original steel Steadicam
socket block)
• ProAim 6000 Indicator Arm - Modified to use standard 5/8" arm posts. Arm is set up for heavy load outs 35-60lbs.
• Two 5/8" arms posts
• 1.5" center post (Modified Calumet Mono Pod, 2-Section Expandable with quick
release/lock) (Internal 7 lead SD cable with LEMO connectors).
• Custom upper and lower J / D boxes
o Lower box has V-Lock battery plate (hardwired to box) with forward / aft
o Two battery inputs for use with included battery hanger (wired with reverse
polarity protection)
o Dedicated monitor power and Video connection
o Aux power connections (wired for 12v regulation)
o FireWire jack (Not wired for use).
o Custom Landing gear (Made from PRO parts)
o Top box multiple power and video jacks, 5-Pin LEMO with dedicated power/video
(was used for my wireless video sender) will include cable for the 5-pin LEMO so
you can rewire for your needs.
• Top stage: Steadicam (Cinema Products) early version 3a with one camera plate
(forward / aft only adjustments) Mounted to modified ProAim top stage for Left /Right
• Gimbal: Custom (3A Type), fully machined from aluminum. (Very well made and smooth)
• Battery Hanger - Custom built from PRO parts. Two V-Lock plates (wired for use with the
sled) Tube design allows forward / aft expansion and tube can be rotated 90 degrees for
alternate weight distribution. Easily removed for transport (One allen screw locks the
hanger to the socket on the sled)
• Pelican 1730 case with soft and hard foam cut outs. Case holds the sled, vest, arm,
monitor, battery hanger, docking bracket and accessories.
• Really ugly, but usable custom (aluminum and steel) docking bracket with balance stud
(5/8"), dock yoke with aircraft pin and arm hanger hook. Fits on any standard C-stand or
5/8" stud.





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