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Jonathan Pfundstein

Wiring Coaxial Power Connector to Zephyr XLR power for Monitor - Hirose connector fried?

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After having issues with my monitor I decided to replace the stock Zephyr HD monitor with a slightly newer Marshall V-LCD70MD-3G


As I'd done in the past for other coaxial power connectors, I planned to replace the xlr power connection with the coaxial power connection needed for the new monitor. The Zephyr has a 6 pin hirose connector on the sled base front and associated cable with a xlr power connection and SD video connection.


I wired up the new connection matching the #4 white (+) xlr connection to the new coaxial inner white positive (+) wire, and negative outer black wire. I soldered and heat shrunk the connections to make sure the wires were shielded and not touching.


I connected the finished cable to the hirose connector on the base of the sled and plugged in the the coaxial cable to the monitor, the monitor didn't power on, odd. I looked at the hirose connector and noticed one of the pins being slightly shorter, almost bent. I tried bending the tip back a bit, and plugged it in again.


This time as I was aligning the hirose connector to plug it in, it popped and tiny puff of smoke came out before even had it fully inserted.


From that point, I just stopped and didn't try to test anything else due to fear of damaging anything else


After examining in the pin again, it seemed slightly shorter, almost melted. Do these connections have that sort of protection built in to protect again reversed polarity? Even then I don't think thats what happened. Pretty in the dark with what I thought should be a fairly straight forward process.


Any help or insights are greatly appreciated!

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Try contact Carmine in Italy.

He is a very skilled electronic engineer he fix my Heden motors very well, and i know he do alzo cameras,follow focus,steady,monitors,Cinetape,teradek repair

He develop microcontroller forma custom pourpose.

His e-mail is: carmize@hotmail.it

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