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Adam Brown

Steadicam Zephyr SD Monitor 9-Pin Video/Power Cable

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Hey everyone,


Hopefully quick question here. I have the Zephyr and I'm prepping it for resale. I've been running a separate Marshall HD monitor on my Steadicam, pretty much since owning it. But, at some point along the way, I seem to have misplaced my power/video cable that connects to the OEM Steadicam SD monitor. It's a funky 9-pin connector and I can't seem to find a place to purchase replacements anywhere. Either through Tiffen (although I'd open that someone like Alan Rencher might be able to make it for cheaper than what I'd imagine Tiffen would sell them for.


Does anyone know where I can find this cable? Should I go through Alan to see if he can build it custom? I'd like to be able to sell a functioning monitor with the kit.


Any help is appreciated!

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Try Carmine in Italy,

He does cameras, follow focus, all cables,motors ,monitors repair.

He is a electronic engineer,also he build a wireless system forma Cinetape and arri udm1, he fix my Heden motors very well.

His emal is: carmize@hotmail.it

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