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Ben Semanoff

Paralinx Tomahawk 1:2 SDI Deluxe System

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Im selling a used Paralinx Tomahawk Deluxe system. Originally $12,700... asking $5000. In general it includes:


2x receivers w/ AB mounts & perches

1x transmitter with bracket

2x tx antennas

10x Rx antennas

1x panel antenna w/ jumper cables

Various power cables for transmitter

Pelican case


Pictures coming shortly!


Payment can be check (will ship once check clears), or PayPal (all fees paid by buyer). Buyer pays for shipping... 2-day or faster. Once you receive the unit, youll have 48hrs to test & inspect before sale is final.

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System still avail, have had some interest. However, I think I undervalued it. I sold two of these almost exactly 1 yr ago for $7400 a piece, and I just finished a 6-month show where my net income on this unit was over $6000. So im raising my asking price to $6,250.


Why am I selling... well, I’ve just complete my first directing gig, and would like to start focusing on developing those opportunities. So I’m trying to reduce the amount of gear I have to manage to just my Steadicam kit.

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