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Mike Lemnitzer

Pro DBII on a EFP MK-V post

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Hey everyone,


So I'm trying to update my sled and I have a modified EFP with a MK-V carbon fiber post. I'd like a new top stage. I currently have the old 3a with track adjustment top stage. From what I understand, the mounting hardware has the same placement as the Pro gear, and I was curious if the DBII can mount directly to my sled WITHOUT the Pro electronics box as a middle man. I'd like to still use the EFP electronics box mounted off the diving board if I do get the DBII. I've attached two photos, one of the underside of the holes for the DBII and one of my top stage currently attached to the sled. If those even help.


Has anyone done this? Would I run into any issues? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!



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Hi Mike,

I have an MK-V 1.5" carbon centerpost and a Pro DBII with MK-V electronic box attached in the end of the extension.

Before the DBII I had an EFP top stage like yours.

I just unmounted the EFP and placed the DBII in the same holes. No modifications.




Hope it helps!



- Haris -

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