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David Allen Grove

Certificate of Insurance - red flag..

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I was just sent this COI for a rickshaw rental. Seems a "bit" light on information and coverage.


I emailed the person back and asked that I be listed on the cert.


I just now saw and I'm not sure what the "supplement $250" is?


Has anyone come across this type of certificate with virtually no info on it and only good for the one day it's being rented?


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I'd be worried. Inland marine typically doesn't cover equipment while in use, rather only when in transit. If you can, you'd probably be better asking a professional though, like whoever provides you with your personal insurance. I'm just going off what I've read. Also, as you've noted, you're not named on the COI either, so that's seems suspect. I honestly don't know and feel like I'm just spreading FUD

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