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SmallHD 703UB to GPI Pro cine live

John Fitzpatrick

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On 10/6/2018 at 1:26 PM, John Fitzpatrick said:

Hello community,


Any advice on the best way to power a SmallHD 703UB to a Pro rig? Currently going 2 pin to Ptap on the camera p tap port but i'm curious if there is a better option or cable available (maybe a 2pin to 3 pin ?)



Not sure if you figured this out as it's been a couple years, but for anybody else wondering what to do, here's a possible solution that I'm starting to use. As soon as I got my SmallHD, I hated the 2 pin lemo because my monitor bracket slightly obstructs the lemo input and slows down my setup time. So now, I have the L-series battery mount attached to the back of my SmallHD 703 and purchased an L-series dummy battery to D-tap cable (see attached photos). I've only used the cable once at the time of this post and it worked perfectly. I heard it could possibly give out though...possibly because of how cheaply it's made but I'll update if any issues come up!


Another possible solution is to buy a G-mount/V-mount battery plate and directly mounting your monitor battery to the monitor. Anyways, hope that helps!



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