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Geoff Owen

Fitting Volt onto Ultra 2 Gimbal

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Hi all,

after a 4 month wait the Volt Gimbal upgrade for my Ultra 2 has arrived. Unfortunately I wasn't made aware that it required the rig to be dismantled to fit it. My local Tiffen tech hasn't done one of these conversions before and is telling me that it may take 8 hours to fit it, ouch $ .


So hoping that I may be able to get some advice from folks who have gone through this process.


First of all, is 8 hours a fair estimate for the installation?


Whats involved with removing the top stage? Could I do this myself? How long should it take?


I have a 3 stage post, so I expect that the lock-off clamp has to be removed too in order to slide the gimbal off the post. Any tips of how to do this?


I'll keep this short and see what comments come back.


Many thanks.


Geoff Owen.

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