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Ross Coscia

Heden Motor questions

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Hi friends,

I'm looking at tailoring my Preston kit a bit and I am curious about everyone's experience with Heden motors. The size and cost of these motors would make them seem like a no-brainer but I was curious if there was a reason they are far less common. Are there speed or strength issues?



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I absolutely love the heden motors. maybe a year or two ago they were purchased and the customer service is a little quicker i believe. i think that preston motors are only common because they are an american institution, but frankly i think that they are way behind the curve.

so many positives to heden:

-very easy to swap the gear to the other side of the unit (snaps in and out)


-doesnt require any screw drivers for mounting, changing orientation, etc.

-mounting is super quick and easy; can flip upside in seconds (the only arguable disadvantage is if you need to mount to a dogbone or something like the preston mounting congiuration, youll have to get creative, but i have never had an issue)

-package comes with all sorts of gear sizes as well as collets for 15mm and panavision size (the motors are standard 19mm)



the only advantage preston may have its that their beefiest motors probably has a bit more torque, but i never had an issue. ive owned 6 hedens i believe. i dunno what your kit would be but i carried 1xM26 and 3xM21 but that LM30 looks rad.

total disclaimer - i no longer own them because i sold off all monitors, wireless, and fiz units because i like buying remote heads and rigs




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Yes heden motor are good.

I send my One the both analog and Digital to do service to an italian engineer , he done GREAT job.

His contact Is: carmize@hotmail.it

He Is in Rome.

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Hi Ross,

First, I work for Hedén so I'm not objective.

Hedén motors are both small and light but also very strong. The M21VE-L as well as the M26VE and the new superlight LM30 are all well tested and all works well on Preston systems. The size versus torque ration is very good on our motors and the M21VE-L and M26VE are also very quiet.

If you have any question, please go ahead and ask me.


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