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Preston 3 Channel g4 MDR2/HU3/Single channel/Wireless Microforce

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This is a complete kit ready to go onto any production,

It includes a  single channel controller, wireless Microforce and any cables you will need plus spares.

The hand unit was modified by Panavision technicians for aerial work on Mission Impossible Fallout and Mulan and has an extra aerial meaning it now has a range of up to 1 kilometer.

Kit is currently in New Zealand but international shipping can be arranged.
Due to restrictions on shipping batteries the kit will come without any batteries but the charger is included.
The kit is housed in 2 x Pelican Storm 2300 cases, one laser cut for the essentials and the other for back up items.
Price indication $29000-$27000, all offers considered.
Main Components:
1 x HU3
1 x g4 MDR2
1 x Focus/Iris Single channel Handest
1 x Digital Microforce
1 x Radio microforce module.
1 x DM1X Motor
1 x DM2 Motors.
1 x Heden M26VE
RS Run x2
RS "Y" Cable (power and run)
Epic Run
11 pin Fischer run
Red One run
PV Genesis run x2
PV 12 volt
PV 24 volt
D Tap Power
RS Power (Arri 3 pin)
24v 3 pin xlr
12v 4 pin xlr
Mini EXT to RS converter
Cinetape Interface cable.
Motor x 4
Extension command cable
RS Microforce Y cable (for stand alone zoom control)
DTap Microforce Y cable
Iris handset discs
PV Zoom and PV Iris pitch motor gears.
Pan handle converter for microforce handset










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