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Transvideo 7" Monitor STARGATE steadicam and onboard recording

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7" Transvideo Stargate Monitor v2 (purple edition)

Professional level monitor. Ideal for steadicam but also as an onboard monitor. It's Quiet and it Records! 

Brightness 800 Nits - great on location in full daylight (and night ofcourse)


Located in UK. Price £1,600 GBP plus postage


Full HD LCD Monitor / Recorder recording great for saving rushes for showreel etc

for Steadicam, Operators, DSLR, Focus Puller, anyone with need of professional gear.


Original description
 check the manufacturer: https://www.transvideo.eu/Stargate 


USED in excellent working condition. Latest software update, works perfectly.

Used as professional steadicam monitor and onboard camera monitor (built in digital level, flip modes, record mode!). The only of very few out there manufacturers that make "quiet" monitors and of course the "recording" monitor. Used but cared for. Monitor screen immaculate... Small scratch on the protective screen plastic (not noticeable when monitor is on, protective screen is replaceable of course if one wishes) In the photo below I also attached the plastic extra cover for transport.

Comes with its own protective pelicase and very sturdy noga arm. More hi-res photos available on request. Thank you for looking.


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