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M1 Volt twitching

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After 18 months of use I have noticed a twitch when holding lock off shots when using my Volt. It seems as if there is a kind of electronic movement generated I assume by the kit which shows itself as a twitch or maybe a 'heavy hand' look. Has anyone experienced this? I will be in touch with the guys at Tiffen UK tomorrow morning but and advice is welcome.

Thanks, Robert Carter

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On 5/15/2019 at 11:21 PM, Kevin Andrews SOC said:

Check to make sure the belt motors are tensioned. If they slack out at all it will cause a slight twitch. 

I've checked the belt tensions and all seems good. I think the problem is more 'electronic' in nature. Thanks for your comment though Kevin.

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Any updates to share about this twitching?

I demo’d the Volt at Cinegear again. The Tiffen rep mentioned this might happen if the side to side adjustment on the top stage was off a little. Any feedback about this comment?  Also there were comments about the Volt box, if it’s not mounted properly with zero vibration possibilities it can also affect the performance consistency. 


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