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Places to get Master Sled upgrades done

Justin Woo

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Hey folks! 

I just picked up a Steadicam Master sled / vest / arm package and I'm already seeing / feeling a lot of the limitations to the sled itself. I don't like the lack of HD, the monitor mount is permanently loose, and the proprietary batteries will probably prove to be a headache in the future as well. So I'm looking into modifying the sled. Cramped Attic quoted me about $2500 for the battery and HDSDI upgrades, and recommended that I handle the monitor bracket locally. However, I'd like to shop around so I fully know my options. 

I know Mk V has Master sled upgrades, and I'm looking into that. However, they're in the UK, and I'd like to avoid incurring those kinds of shipping fees. 

I wanted to tap the community and see if anyone else knew places (preferably local to NYC, but not necessarily) where I could get mods done on my Master Sled. Any input and leads would be greatly appreciated! 

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Call Terry West in L.A. He completely modified mine for less than that. That's for the sled. Then call Robert Luna. also in L.A. He will take carer of your gimbal and arm servicing. My Master was the same way as yours sound to be when I first bought it. Now the thing is bomb proof and amazing. Also, take off the monitor bracket, and get a Cam-Jam monitor yoke. Hope that all helps.

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