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Nicholas Kramer

Shoe advice

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Anyone found the perfect shoe?

I feel like we all need 2-3 with us at all time. Something quiet and comfortable for the hours we spend on our feet. Something industrial but not necessarily a boot. And some kind of boot.

Curious is what your choices have been. What’s your go to?

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Hi Nicholas,

Multiple pairs for different conditions is the way to go. I typically operate in a semi-flexible running shoe with a somewhat supportive sole that's not too thick so I can still feel my way around. I rotate between several pairs of those throughout the week, and sometimes change at lunch. One pair always lives on the truck as a backup.

I also have waterproof sneakers, rain boots, hiking boots, and snow boots. I also just got heated socks that I still have yet to try, and always carry toe warmers. I dabbled in the minimal shoe world (for about a month) and found my feet felt too tired at the end of the day, and I needed a more protective shoe for working outside. 

Also - always have backup socks!

Happy flying.


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