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Jerry Holway

short history of Steadicam's 3rd arm

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For the full story - with pictures - download the attached PDF. This is just the beginning:

Just a little personal note about Tiffen’s 3rd arm segment, which Garrett Brown, I, and others at Tiffen developed.


Back in the mid-90’s, Garrett tried putting together three working arm sections to extend the boom range of the arm (at that time a 3A arm was used). It worked, but the arm sections did not behave well as we boomed up and down; each section seemed to have a mind of its own. That three section arm occupied a lot of space, mounted as it was from the vest’s socket block. It was also cumbersome to add or remove the third arm section from the arm. It was fun to play with, but the dream was abandoned until the summer of 2010, when the new Exovest was being developed. This prototype vest enabled us to mount a 3rd arm section to the back of the vest (more about that later). 

History of Steadicam's 3rd arm.pdf

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Ahh this is good stuff. Always love learning WHY something came up and how it was approached, and what failed as an approach on the path to a successful concept and design.

Thanks for this Jerry.

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