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How to Use a Garfield Mount

Logan Etherington

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Hi Everyone, 

I am new to steadicam, have flown a Pro Rig a number of times and just purchase one of my own. I bought the full kit from a long time operator and there a lot of things in it that I'm learning about, one being the Garfield mount. 

I finally figured out what it was and was curious as to how it is used/mounted. I own a truck and want to test it out. 

Any tips or references are greatly appreciated!


Thank you, 



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It’s two pieces bolted together (as you no doubt already know). The base is Mitchell mount for hi-hats/dollies/risers/basically anything on most sets. The piece with the socket block on it can also be mounted on speed rail with the u-bolts in the kit (or from a hardware store). It’s not a complicated thing to do but I’d advise against doing it by oneself unless you have done it a few times and/or someone  has walked you through properly rigging the mount etc. — lots of things can go wrong without a solid base and disaster can ensue and gear can be lost as well as people injured. Definitely don’t go out in your truck (or any vehicle) without a safe solid mount, a good safety harness for you, and a driver who knows how to handle a vehicle with your life (and your life savings) hanging off the back.

it’s usually not used as often as one would think (especially nowadays with all the stab heads and gimbals) but it’s a godsend when ya need it. 

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