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Steadicam SCOUT - ready to flight

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Hi all!

I'm just selling the equipment of a friend of mine.
I tested everything to see that all is working correctly and yes, is fully functional.
The system support a weight between 2kg and 8kg.

The equipment is ready to flight, it comes with:
- Transport bag
- Vest
- Arm
- Sled + plate
- AB Batterie + dtap charger
- Monitor
- Docking bracket
- Power cable.
- Tools and aks
- Manual instructions

I'm asking for 4.500€ O.B.O. (shipping cost by the buyer)
I prefer to sell it in the EU, the equip is in Barcelona. 
For a fastest answer, contact me in this mail: hola@aos.camera

What doesn't comes in the offer is the stand, camera and weigh that you'll see in the next pictures: 

IMG_6631.thumb.jpg.e36bc5eaa5769fa5eaa33bc1a09c8933.jpg   IMG_6626.thumb.jpg.c8c43035c5b78c24b5664fc00cd839d3.jpg
IMG_6636.thumb.jpg.e848d5ecb86dfd73276da532527ce4a3.jpg   IMG_6634.thumb.jpg.f37ffdce2b6603e01e6bb4fcd70caaed.jpg
.IMG_6643.thumb.jpg.07b7f303700878c40764ae1251f48939.jpg   IMG_6637.thumb.jpg.d2b39b9a2859ab7cf1df4f0a96818012.jpg
IMG_6662.thumb.jpg.d232915178e0991bd6f5a54e59ce3a57.jpg   IMG_6661.thumb.jpg.bcb2dfeaf137fc5bb19a6031eb5fc890.jpg
IMG_6663.thumb.jpg.99333e5c0206c8c2c0c463f238163f66.jpg   IMG_6647.thumb.jpg.d319f4a50750d338a81461f00de9bd42.jpg
IMG_6652.thumb.jpg.8c6cc147ea2f448fc04316817ff3f92d.jpg   IMG_6650.thumb.jpg.f5976239ad6436ef2bd0d3f67b8eb27f.jpg

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