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Canceled day

Paul Gillot

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Hi. I've been hired for a 2 days commercial shoot. Prior to the first day, productuion didn't gave me much details. Except the deal for equipement and salary.

First day on was only 2 shots. 1st AC told me that director wanted hand held but clients / agency wanted Stead. Been said I knew I woulnd't shot  much.

I'm even wrap early. They send me my call sheet for day 2.

Was home. Relaxing, when suddently phone rang. UPM tell my that i'm (surprisingly)  not required on set the next day.

They offer me 8h regular time + 1/2 for my rental. My steadicam slept in camera truck.

Does it seem like a good deal? Would you bill a full day as rental?

FIrst time that happen to me . Day cancelled not the first but first time I had to go pick up my stead on set.

Let me know.

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it's a tough thing to negotiate. when covid shut us down we had gear locked up on trucks from march till may. at the end of the day it's your small business and the gear needs to make money to cover your overhead and such. negotiating for rentals when gear is "locked up" shouldn't hurt your relationship with the producer. it sounds like you didn't get a bad deal and you are happy and that's important! but you might have left money on the table. I ended up getting three weeks of rentals during covid and it didn't affect my relationship with the upm. you may have already checked out Never Split the Difference, by Chris Voss, but if not I highly recommend it :)


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I always send before shooting a memo deal where it says that if you cancel or move the dates when I'm already confirmed, they owe me the 50% of the total rate, but if they cancel or move the shooting 7 days before the shooting, they owe me the 100% of the rate.
And I also wrote that not answering anything to the memo deal, it means that they accept all the conditions if they book me, because sometimes have happens that the have confirmed me, but the shooting have been cancelled, so they call me saying 'Hey I couldn't read properly your memo deal, but the shooting is cancelled, how can we fix it?' so I respectfully answer: It's easy, read it and pay it.

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