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Garage Sale: Cables. Power cables and cable-things

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Clearing out the shelves before I move. Check my other posts for stuff you might need. Most of it is backup gear/aks, lightly used over the last 5yrs.

Make me offers! Everything available separately.

Most of these cables have the smaller 3-pin LEMO FGG.0B for the sled side, like on Archer2, Clipper, Shadow, Ultra2, M-1, etc. Happy to send you a closeup image of the pins on both ends, if you have any doubt before buying. Half are Tiffen cables, the other half are from MediaBlackout or TerryWest. Some are "legacy" cables that might still have an application, otherwise we'll just have to laugh about planned obsolescence. If you know about cross compatibility of the camera cables, please comment below.

Here they are in no particular order:


LEMO 3-pin "Ultra to Alexa 24V" with 90˚ connector at the camera, 24" length.



LEMO 3-pin to Alexa 24V power with straight connector at the camera, 36" length.



LEMO 3-pin to Paralynx LEMO 2-pin, 24" length. IIRC, this can also be used for other TX like Teradek, etc. but we'll want to check polarity.



LEMO-3 to XLR-4 ENG camera power, 24" length.



LEMO-3 to "RED epic/scarlet" 12V LEMO-6, 24" length.



LEMO-3 to "REDcam 12V" LEMO-6, 20" length. I think this is for the original RED ONE! Came with my Archer2, and has only been used with Tiffen's in-house RED body for demos.



LEMO-3 to LEMO-2 BFD receiver power, 7" super-shortie for mounting the receiver under the nosebox.



LEMO-3 to AB p-tap quad, 18" length. So useful for all those aks.



LEMO-3 custom LED voltmeter. Add voltage readout to your 12V line and stash the display anywhere with velcro. Made this myself after wrapping a sled for rain and couldn't see power meter.



P-tap 12V input to TVlogic mini-XLR-4 36" length. Old backup cable for my TVlogic monitor, in case monitor cable failed.



If anyone is interested, make reasonable offers. Everything works great, I just don't use this stuff.

Located in Los Angeles, local preferred, or buyer pays shipping.

PM me on the site, or for faster response, email: red288GTO@gmail.com




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