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Betz Wave - Pros and Cons

Gabe Kimpson

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Hellooooo! I'm diving deeper into operating and am just looking towards the options out there.  

I'd love to hear some thoughts on the Betz Wave.  

One of the main questions I have is... can you lock it to enable big roll moves for rap video type shots, or is the roll control always on?

But also - how does it compare to the very different but similar-goal-products like the Volt? 


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Hey Gabe, 

You can lock the Wave. There is a single locking pin that is used to lock and unlock the wave during transport and operating.

Personally I'd say the biggest difference is that the Wave is a single axis "stabilizer" where the Volt is a three axis motorized assist. Also, the Wave mounts to the top stage and the Volt is at the gimbal. Both require finesse in operating. The Wave, if not properly balanced, can get away from you and won't make your shots any easier (there is a video from Betz that explains how to get the camera's center of gravity set within the Wave, separate from the center of gravity on the sled itself). You also operate as you would with any "analogue" gimbal. The Volt has resistance controls that you can adjust which gives you more all around assist and freedom in your operating, still requires finesse, but is more forgiving. Since the Volt is balanced and generally operated in neutral, it will make those big roll moves you're talking about easier to achieve, especially with some of the electronic assist it provides in the motors. The Wave has no drop time requirements, it's solely based on the operators preference. 

Hope this helps.

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